How to Fix a Wiggly Toilet Seat

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How to Add Psyllium to Cereal

Psyllium, a plant-based product, contains high amounts of soluble fiber. Fiber can help relieve constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and may even help improve cholesterol. Psyllium is a common ingredient in laxatives. It is also available in capsules, as well as a loose seed form. To add psyllium

Strep Throat Cures, Causes, & Home Remedies

Strep throat is a contagious disease that's most common among children and teens, although adults also get it. Children and teens tend to become infected during the school year when they're surrounded by other students in an enclosed space where the infection can spread. There are ways to treat and

What Is the Meaning of Kilocalorie?

For being one food calorie, a kilocalorie seems like a lot more than it is. The history of the use of the word "calorie" and its association with food energy has led the kilocalorie to be known at various times as a "large calorie," a kilogram calorie, a nutritional label calorie, a food calorie and

How to Prepare for a Pandemic

The threat of a pandemic is so frightening that it causes a feeling of helplessness. There are, however, plenty of precautions that you can take to improve your chances of survival. The right actions today can prevent a flu virus from causing a pandemic in the future. Follow these steps to maintain

How to Burn 800 Calories a Day

You don't need to get on a treadmill and run until it tells you that you've burned your desired number of calories. There are a number of factors involved in burning calories, such creating a deficit by altering calorie expenditure through both nutrition and exercise. By altering both your eating a

Exercises for Home Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation exercises can be safely practiced at home to encourage increased range of motion. Range of motion might be restricted for many reasons, including after a stroke, an injury to a muscle or joint from the aging process or from prolonged bed rest. Physical therapy offers exercises that ma

How to Replace Fattening Dips

Snacks are essential for a healthy lifestyle. Not only do they keep your metabolism burning calories, but they also prevent overeating at mealtimes. The only problem is that many Americans snack on unhealthy foods. One of the biggest culprits is chips and dip. That doesn't mean that all dip should b

Survival Priorities List

You never know when disaster may strike. Whether at home, at work or on vacation, being prepared and understanding what you need to do to survive when a disaster happens can be the difference between life and death. Knowing what your survival priorities are in advance can help you stay focused on wh

How Does Water Pollution Affect the Environment?

Causes of Water PollutionWith environmentalism and green thinking reaching the pinnacle of public appeal in recent years due to global warming, an increasing focus has been put on stopping pollution, especially carbon dioxide emissions. As such, the main battle has been waged against air...

Are There Ground Chestnuts?

Chestnuts are the edible nuts that come from different species of trees in the Castanea (L.) genus and Fagaceae family. The nuts grow in clusters of one to seven nuts inside a spiny capsule, or burr. When the nuts are ripe, the burr opens and the nuts fall out. Chestnuts are a staple food in many co

Physical Therapy for a Herniated Lumbar Disc

A herniated disc is sometimes referred to as a slipped or ruptured disc, and it can cause shooting pain down your back to your leg. The spine is comprised of bones and vertebrae, and in between them is cartilage. When a disc is herniated, part of the cartilage gets pushed out, which can cause pain,

Product Safety Checklist

Products are necessary in order to satisfy personal and professional needs on an everyday basis. However, it is possible that certain products can seriously harm consumers, either because they are faulty, made of hazardous materials or because they are used inappropriately. For this reason, before y

What Is Incineration & Distillation?

Incineration is the process of combusting organic matter in a furnace at high temperatures so that the only products left behind are ash, flue gases and heat. After incineration, distillation of the flue gases takes care of the pollutants, and therefore the gases released afterward are pure and eco-

Tiger Balm Alternatives

Tiger Balm is a brand of herbal ointments and creams used by many people to relieve joint aches and pains as well as headaches and cold. It originated in China and is now distributed all around the world. The brand has a variety of products of which the main ingredients are camphor, clove, cajuput

How to Learn Meditation & Yoga Online

Both meditation and yoga are natural, therapeutic ways of eliminating stress and tension through relaxation techniques. Though there are places where you can take a yoga instruction class or a class on how to meditate, the Internet is a great source for learning how to do both from the comfort of yo

How to Identify Mites Under a Microscope

Mites are present everywhere. They reside in soil, on plants, animals and other insects, and in our homes, on our beds, and on our skin. Two types of mites make their home on our forehead living in the hair follicles and sebaceous glands. The human itch mite causes human scabies by laying eggs under

Naturally Fat Free Foods

Fruit is naturally fat-free.berries image by cherie from Fotolia.comThe Food and Drug Administration recommends that individuals consume less than 65 g of fat each day. Making smart choices about food includes opting for lower fat foods, light and reduced fat options; however, since these...

How to Repel Mosquitoes and Prevent Mosquito Bites

Warm weather has finally arrived and along with the rising temperatures comes an age old problem, mosquitoes. Repelling mosquitoes and keeping your family safe from mosquito bites is a major concern. With the rapid rise of cases of West Nile virus here in the US, not to mention all of th