How to Fix a Wiggly Toilet Seat

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The Ability to Interpret Verbal & Nonverbal Communication

People can communicate in many ways, using both verbal and nonverbal methods. The ability to interpret verbal and nonverbal communication can be an asset in personal and business relationships, as nonverbal communication can give you as much information as the words people vocalize. It takes some pr

Home Remedy for Stuffy Ears

Stuffy ears can result from a cold or ear infection, as well as from built up ear wax. This can make it hard to hear sounds and can be very uncomfortable. Over-the-counter decongestants may work to unclog ears, but there are also several home remedies that can offer relieve. If congestion persists,

How to Soothe Achy Feet After a Long Day

Standing all day for work or play can increase inflammation or irritation in your feet. Feet tend to swell when tired, which means you might have difficulty walking or removing your shoes. Fortunately, quick and simple relief is available for achy feet. Relief can come in the form of over-the-counte

How to Buy Sophora Flavescens in the USA

Sophora flavescens extract, or Ku Shen in Chinese, is an herbal extract with a rich history in Chinese herbal medicine. To this day, it is used in China as part of treatments for such serious diseases as cancer and hepatitis. While it is widely available in China, it is more difficult to procure in

Certified Crystal Healing Training

Crystal therapy is a form of alternative healing that involves the use of crystals and/or gemstones that respond to the body's energy and resonate a healing energy back to the patient. Each type of stone projects a unique energy depending on the situation and placement on the body.

How to Treat Fainting With Natural Remedies

Fainting can easily strike without warning, and it can be triggered through an improper diet, over-exerting your energy, as well as stress. Whatever the reason, fainting is a nuisance, and when gone untreated, can create a serious problem. Treating fainting with natural remedies is an easy and saf

How to Tell If You Are Sick From Mold in Your House

Mold can be a big problem in any house. Today's houses may actually foster developmend of mold because energy-efficient air-tight contruction allows water to get trapped and build up in some areas. While maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help protect you, anyone can get sick from exposure to mold,

How to Become an FDA MQSA Inspector

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), "The Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA) was signed into law October 27, 1992, to establish national quality standards for mammography. The MQSA required that, to perform mammography legally after October 1, 1994, all facilities become certif

Adco-Talomil Side Effects

Depression is a serious medical condition with the possibility of serious health complications, including substance abuse and heart disease. In fact, the World Health Organization reports that depression is the leading cause of disability of people ages 15 to 44 worldwide. If you suffer from depress

What Are the Dangers of Sewage Backups?

Sewage waste is composed of various materials and wastewater. Sewage can include chlorine, soap, excrement, oils (such as motor oil and cooking oil), sanitary products and many other harmful waste products. One of the main concerns of a sewage backup is all the disease-causing microorganisms that ca

How to Use Herbal Infusion Baths and Poultices

Herbal medicine is a way to treat common ailments and relax the body. Infusions and poultices can be prepared at home or purchased from a reputable herbalist or local Chinese pharmacy. Here I will offer some tips on how to use herbal emulsions and poultices for healing and relaxing the b

Indoor Air Pollution From Cooking

Indoor air pollution from cooking is a serious problem in the developing world, especially for women and children. According to the World Health Organization, indoor air pollution causes one death every 20 seconds--1.6 million per year.

How to Fix a Wiggly Toilet Seat

Toilet seats experience a lot of wear and tear. As they wear, your toilet seat might become prone to slamming shut on its own, which can cause the seat to become loose. When fixing a wiggly toilet seat, the two major components to check are the seat bolts, holding the seat in place on the bowl, and

Diet for Pancreatitis Recovery

Pancreatitis inflames and irritates the pancreas, which produces enzymes that are essential to your body's digestive process. the condition produces abdominal pain, vomiting, and other symptoms. Mild cases are easily treatable, but more severe instances can produce life-threatening complications. Re

How to Dry Herbs From the Garden

Drying fresh herbs from your garden is a wonderful way to keep your flavorful favorites on hand for use in the kitchen all winter long. Herbs that are not as moist lend themselves to the drying process best. More moist herbs probably need to be dehydrated, frozen or even cooked slightly in the oven

Atracurium Side Effects

Atracurium is a medication that is used during surgery. Its main function is to relax and calm the skeletal muscles and to enable endotracheal intubation. It is a neuromuscular blocking medication. It is generally used alongside anesthesia. As with any type of medication, there are some possible sid

UK Construction Safety

There are more than a quarter of a million construction firms in the United Kingdom employing more than two million workers. All are monitored by the UK's Health and Safety Executive, whose mission is to prevent deaths, injury and ill health in the construction industry.