How to Fix a Wiggly Toilet Seat

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Herbal ED Treatments

According to the Minnesota Men's Health Center, erectile dysfunction affects 30 million men in the United States. The possibility of experiencing erectile dysfunction increases with age, and 65 percent of men over the age of 65 will experience erectile dysfunction. With large numbers of men facing t

Scented Oil Recipes

Scented essential oils have been used for hundreds of years to fight everything from infections to fatigue to skin disorders. You can make your own scented oil recipes at home to combat such ailments as colds and flu, headaches, concentration problems and dog odors. Although most scented oils are sa

Oregano Oil Cures

Oil of oregano is considered a potent purifier with many healing benefits. The two key compounds in oil of oregano are carvacrol and thymol. These compounds may have the ability to eradicate microorganisms in the body that lead to illness. Oil of oregano is available in either liquid or

What Are the Health Benefits of Taking Fish Oil & Omega-3 Daily?

Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish and some other foods have proven health benefits. If you're not sure if you get enough fish in your diet or you don't eat fish at all, you can still get these health benefits by taking a daily fish oil supplement.

Reasons to Drink Acai Berry

The acai (pronounced a-sigh-ee) berry grows on the acai palm, which is native to parts of South and Central America. The pulp and juice of the berry are extracted and used in health supplements. Studies have shown that the berries contain high amounts of healthful antioxidants, which may aid in prev

How to Make Aromatherapy Oil for Stress

We live in a stressful, fast-paced world where it can be difficult to find natural methods of stress relief. Many aromatherapy oils smell good enough to wear as perfume or cologne. Your also can use this blend of oils for a relaxing massage, in a diffuser or in a warm bath.

Ppe Droplet Precautions

Nurses and doctors often wear personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure their safety when working with infectious patients. Droplet PPE refers to equipment worn to protect against large-particle droplets, which patients emit by talking, sneezing or coughing.

The Effect of Noise on Human Ears

According to National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL), is a health hazard. The institute says 30 million people are at risk, and it is the second most self-reported, work-related illness or injury. There are 22 million Americans between ages

About the Side Effects of Xylitol

The side effects of xylitol, a low-calorie sweetener and alternative to sugar, include gas, diarrhea, low blood sugar and possible abnormal liver function tests.

How to Do an Oil Massage for a Pitta Ayurveda Mind-Body Type

Pittas are the “Supermen” and “Superwomen” amongst us: often athletic, bespectacled and deceptively mild-mannered, they can leap tall buildings in a single bound (well, not really). They can, however, bike commute 20 miles to work, run the morning meeting and eat as much

Homeopathic Remedies for Fatigue

No one can perform to the best of his ability when constantly tired. This is why treating fatigue is so important. Although there are many treatments for fatigue that are based in Western medicine, there also are many homeopathic remedies that are worth trying. Once you know what is causing your fat

How to Create a Plan of Escape for a Fire at Your School

Knowing what to do in the event of a fire emergency at your school will help you save the lives of your colleagues and the pupils who depend on you. Be sure that you elicit the help of parents, teachers and school administrators when designing a fire-escape plan for your school.

Physical Therapy for Wrist Fracture

Wrist fracture, as the term suggests, is a crack in any of the bones of the wrist. The joint of the wrist is located at the junction of the bones of the forearm and the small bones of the hand. The visible symptoms of a fracture include heavy swelling and disfiguration. You may also experience a gre

Does a Low Carb Diet Help to Get Rid of Cellulite?

Low carbohydrate diets generally limit your consumption of bread, grains, rice and starchy vegetables and fruit while encouraging the consumption of protein and fat on the theory, in a way, that eating fat can rid you of fat. Since cellulite is composed of dimpled fat, one could logically ask whethe

Environmental Problems With Plastic Water Bottles

America's obsession with bottled drinking water coupled with a $60 billion dollar worldwide bottled water industry is wreaking havoc on the environment. Made of polyethylene terephthalate, water bottles can be recycled to make a diverse number of objects, including carpets and sweaters. However, onl

Black Walnut and Parasites

Black walnut trees have tough, dark wood and bark. Black walnut supplements are derived from the hull of the nuts, leaves and bark of the black walnut tree. You can buy the supplements in pill or powder form. People sometimes use black walnut to get rid of parasites present in the body. According to

How to Find Low Cholesterol Foods

Changing your diet means changing your lifestyle. Choosing foods with low cholesterol as part of a well-balanced diet offers numerous benefits, such as decreasing your chances of heart-related problems and giving you more energy. While upholding your diet change can be challenging, finding low chole

Home Remedy for Getting Rid of Poison Oak or Poison Ivy Rash

Poison oak and poison ivy come from the same family of plants. They excrete urushiol oil, which most people are allergic to. Get it on your skin, and you're liable to end up with itching, swelling and a painful rash. Over-the-counter antihistamines can treat some of the symptoms, and you can speak t