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How to Make a Stress Ball With Water & Flour

According to the Stress, Anxiety & Depression Resource Center, when you squeeze a stress ball, the muscle tension and relaxation can help relieve physical and emotional stress. Stress balls come in many shapes and can be made out of many materials. Although commercial stress balls are readily availa

Buttermilk Yeast Cure

Yeast infections are often referred to by the scientific name of Candida. It is normal for yeast to be present at some level on the skin of the human body. The yeast can grow to hazardous levels in warm and moist areas of the body. It is most often found in the genitals of women but can also occur i

How to Use Tadalafil

Erectile dysfunction (impotence) used to be held as a big secret between couples, but in recent years there have been so many developments in this field that it is talked about freely. Prescriptions have become available that can cure this problem for many men, making avoiding sexual activity a thin

How to Do a Facial for Pitta Ayurveda Mind-Body Type

Ayurveda is Sanskrit for the science of life. Known as the sister to yoga, ayurveda seeks to balance the universal elements within the individual–space, air, fire, water, earth--as a way toward balancing the entire world. Pitta body-mind types have an overabundance of fire, which can manifest

What is Molasses Good for?

When sugar cane and sugar beets are being refined to make processed sugar, they are boiled down to a syrupy mixture from which the sugar crystals are taken. The left over liquid is molasses. After the first boiling, light molasses is left; after the second, dark molasses is left; and after the third

What Is Soil Pollution and What Are Its Effects?

Any type of contamination of the ground that results in harmful toxins, chemicals, contaminants or any type of harmful material qualifies as soil pollution. Soil pollution comes in many forms and should always be taken very seriously as it can affect everything in an area from food and drinking wate

Certified Red Marine Algae Diseases

Red algae is used to help fight cancer, asthma, and several diseases, including herpes. However, red algae can become harmful when its amount in the ocean is so plentiful that it becomes a red tide. This tide is a harmful algal bloom, or HAB, that is so abundant it discolors the ocean's...

Foods That Have Zero Cholesterol

High cholesterol can contribute to many serious health problems, including heart disease. So to maintain a healthy lifestyle it's necessary to manage your cholesterol intake. There are many foods that contain zero cholesterol and can therefore help you manage the cholesterol in your diet.

Nutritional Facts: Honey Mustard Dressing

Honey mustard dressing can be used to accompany several different types of foods. As detailed on the "Nutrition Data" website, the nutritional information will heavily depend on the brand of honey mustard dressing you use and what the ingredients list includes.

Ocean Ecosystem for Kids

Five oceans make up 71 percent of the earth’s surface, and they teem with life. National Geographic reports that 80 percent of life on earth resides in the ocean. The plant and animal ocean dwellers are diverse, with coral growing in tropical temperatures and seals feeding in the Antarctic Sou

Palm Kernel Oil Properties

Palm kernel oil is extracted from the seeds of the oil palm. Although not quite as healthy as palm oil which is extracted from the fruit around the seed, palm kernel oil is easily obtainable in many parts of the world. Palm kernel oil is different in composition than palm oil and should...

What is Biological Magnification?

Biological magnification is the concentration of environmental toxins as these chemicals travel up the food chain. Increasing concentrations of pollutants affect the health of animals and humans and may be thousands of times more concentrated in animal tissue than in the surrounding environment.

Hypoglycemia No Carbohydrate Diet

People diagnosed with hypoglycemia often look for ways to find relief from their low blood sugar episodes. While somewhat controversial, some dietitians are recommending diets with carbohydrates limited to 20 g a day for people with hypoglycemia. The premise is that if foods with low glycemic inde

I Can't Send Pix Messages on an LG Dare Cell Phone

When you are unable to send a pix message from your LG Dare cellphone, troubleshoot the issue to determine the root cause. Issues with sending pix messages can result from various factors including poor signal strength or disabled data. You can potentially resolve the issue without making any perman

How to Make a Dried Herb Tincture

Tinctures are liquids made with alcohol in which various herbs are steeped. The tincture is then used for various medicinal applications. Tinctures made in your own kitchen are not as potent as those manufactured commercially; however, you can still take advantage of the healing properties of herb

Solar Energy Health Effects on Humans

Solar energy systems use components with high levels of radio frequency electromagnetic radiation.Solar energy image by lefebvre_jonathan from Fotolia.comSolar energy is something that has increasingly provided environmentally friendly options for generating electricity. However, there...

What Are the Dangers of Methylparaben?

Methylparaben is a common synthetic preservative used in foods, drugs and cosmetics to increase their shelf life. A methyl ester of para-hydroxy benzoic acid, it belongs to the paraben family of antibacterial and antifungal agents. The long-term safety of parabens is a highly debated topic fueled by

Benefits of White Willow Bark

A member of the Salicaceae family, the white willow tree grows in southern and central Europe, Asia and North America. Of the more than 300 species of willow, the white willow is one of the few used for medicinal purposes. Use of the bark dates back thousands of years. It is still used...

Foods High in Folic Acid & Iron

In order to maintain good nutrition, especially while pregnant or nursing, you should look for foods high in folic acid and iron. Folic acid can prevent neural tube defects while iron can prevent the mother and child from becoming anemic.