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Familial Colorectal Cancer, Beyond Lynch Syndrome

How common is familial colorectal cancer, what do we have yet to learn about the disease, and how will an understanding of the genetic and epigenetic factors help with treatment down the road?

How to Recognize and Treat Lactose Intolerance

Lactose intolerance can sneak up on you. Even if you have had no problems ingesting milk-related products in the past, you may one day realize that you are dealing with lactose intolerance. There are some symptoms to be aware of when attempting to treat mild cases of lactose intolerance.

Cancer Risk With Adalimumab in Crohn's Disease

Are patients with Crohn's disease taking anti-TNF agents, either as a monotherapy or in combination with other drugs, at an increased risk for developing malignancies? This new study investigates.

Get Your Acid Reflux Treatment Inside Your Shelves

You don't have to spend so much for your acid reflux treatment. There are so many natural treatments that are available even in your home that are recommended by most experts. You can use these remedies to provide you some quick relief on your acid reflux problem.

Diseases of the Ascending Colon

Diseases of the ascending colon are prevalent among older people, but they also can affect the young. According to, because the colon stores stools, diet plays a large role in the development of colon diseases. A diet high in fiber may be preventive. Treatments for diseases of the as

Acid Reflux Pain

This is the effect of the inflammation by acid when it gets into the esophagus. You might be wondering, where does the acid come from? A brief explanation of what happens after we eat will help you answer this question.

Diverticular Disease

What does the newest research tell us about the pathophysiology of diverticular disease, and how it is best diagnosed and managed? This new article sheds some light.

You Can Cure Heartburn Using The Right Heartburn Home Remedies

Because of the location of this pain, there are people that really think it's a heart problem, it is is a condition that is affecting the esophagus. The esophagus is the passage that connects the mouth to the stomach. If you are going to effectively combat acid reflux, you should learn a few ef

Barrett's Esophagus

Find WebMD's comprehensive coverage of Barrett's esophagus including medical reference, news, pictures, videos, and more.


Find WebMD's comprehensive coverage of gallstones/gallbladder problems, including medical reference, news, pictures, videos, and more.


Diverticulosis is characterized by small sac-like protrusions (hernias) of inner intestinal tissue through the muscular wall of the large intestine (colon). These protrusions are called diverticula and may occur in any part of the colon,but most frequently are found in the lowest part (sigmoid).. ..

Appendicitis & Stomach Pain

The appendix is a tiny organ that is shaped like a worm and approximately two to four inches in length. Once thought of as a useless organ, scientists have discovered that it does serve the purpose of storing good bacteria. However, researchers have been unable to determine a clear cause of appendic