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Is Your Facial Cleanser Killing You?

"Don't use that facial cleanser! It contains SLS!" Did any friend, coworker or well-meaning relative ever warn you that sodium lauryl sulfates, or SLS, is an ingredient that causes cancer? But when you ask them ...

The Top 5 Ingredients for Treating Aging Skin Problems

Are you sick and tired of spending loads of money on anti-aging skin care products, only to find that you aren't getting the results you hoped for?Charging exorbitant amounts of money for run-of-the-m

Still Looking For A Psoriasis Natural Treatment?

If you're still looking for a psoriasis natural treatment after suffering from it for so long then get ready because your search may be at an end at last. Psoriasis is one of those conditions that is stubbornly resistant to conventional medical treatment. But what is it exactly? Technically it&

Having Lice? - Do Something!

Lice are little pests that don't need wings. Most are brownish coloring and they are generally microscopic when they are born. That is the reason why it is not easy to see them. Adult head ...

Different Home Remedies for Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are the condition in which the vein becomes bulging with purplish or bluish color. This may cause pain and discomfort to the person suffering from it. Varicose vein occurs when the valve of the vein that maintains the direction of the blood becomes ineffective.

Eye Contour Gel Removes Eye Wrinkles

No one wants eye wrinkles but to remove or reduce them has always been a challenge, if not impossible. That is until recently with new skin care discoveries. This article will show what is new that wo

How to Have Beautiful Skin Through Ayurveda

In India, people are very familiar with Ayurveda which is an ancient system to heal different kinds of health conditions. Perhaps you know the Shanaz Hussain. They sell herbal and natural products that can help with natural healing.

Increasing Youthful Skin With an Effective Eye Serum

Let's get it very straight! Most of the people deem that the best eye serum is assembled by making use of certain proteins and nutrients. Some of the proteins that are used in preparing eye serum are elastin, collagen, hyaluronic acid, and Haloxyl, although Haloxyl is only available in a small

Tips About How to Prevent Wrinkles

Youth is one of the greatest gifts of nature. Youth moves the world. Not only is it the fine structure of the body that keeps you for ever charged up, but the appearance also gives you an extra boost in your confidence at a young age.

Aloe Vera - A Natural Remedy Without Side Effects

Aloe vera, a medicinal plant found in dry and parched lands all over the world is an excellent cure for quite a number of diseases. It looks more or less like a cactus plant. It is best known for its surprising power of healing skin irritations and inflammations.

Manuka Vs. Melaleuca Oil

Manuka and melaleuca oils are tea tree oils often used for medicinal and beautification purposes. They derive from related trees found primarily in Australia and New Zealand.

A Guide to Choosing an Anti Aging Skin Care Product

Proper anti aging skin care means finding the proper products for fixing and reversing some of the environmental damage done to the skin. A good antiaging skin cream will address many of the problems caused by free radicals and sun damage. It will also contain pure, natural ingredients that won&apos

Cosmetic Surgery – Types of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery, is a subspecialty of medicine and surgery that uniquely restricts itself to the enhancement of appearance through surgical and medical techniques. It is specifically concerned with m

The Best Alternative for Collagen Elastin Lotion

Aside from taking good skin care of your face, of course you want to have a take good care of your body too. The most common misconception in taking care of the body's skin is the use of the collagen elastin lotion.

Five Kinds of Fruits Can Moisturize the Skin

It is necessary for people to supplement moisture for our skin, as the coldness and dryness in autumn and winter can take the moisture from our bodies. Many people use various skin care products to ...