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Accutane Clears Cystic Acne

Acne only affects adolescents... right?... Wrong! Today, acne - a common skin disorder - occurs in adults, too. Statistics reveal that acne affects almost 85% of teenagers and young adults between the ages of 12 ...

All About the Facial Massage and Their Benefits

Facial massage is a great way to get healthy skin and reduce stress. It is an effective technique in which gentle strokes are applied on the face. This helps in reducing tension, prevent wrinkle, heal ...

No Harmful Chemicals & No Harming Animals - The Beauty of All Natural Skin Care

What do a monkey, a dog, and a mouse have in common? It is not that they are all animals or that they have fur; it is the fact that they are all tested on to make sure our skin care products are safe for use. The author tells about the horrors of animal testing and offer advice on how to make sure y

Natural Skincare Products - What to Look For

You may think that finding natural skincare products is a breeze, especially since so many brands claim to be all natural, but the truth is that many of them-most of them-are anything but all natural! Quite a few of the so-called natural skincare products on the market contain perfumes to make them

A Quick Look At Skin Moles

Wondering what are moles on the skin? As you go on reading further, you will get an idea. All moles on the skin do not automatically lead to cancer.

Orange Fake Tans: How to Avoid

Let's face it we've all noticed some terrible fake tans over the years. These can vary from being unnaturally orange in colour instead of brown, they can be streaky, even resemble looking like lizzard skin. ...

Safe And Simple Skin Care With Paraben Free Products

It is a dirty world we live in today. The pollution in almost everything we encounter today is the reason why people today suffer from a lot of illnesses to include not only serious ailments affecting the body's internal systems but those that affect the way we look on the outside. Skin irritat

A Healthy Skin Rejuvenator Reaps Amazing Skin

Do you know how to have healthy skin?Before you run to the plastic surgeon, why not consider a healthy skin rejuvenator that only contains natural ingredients?

The Right Way to Compare Night Creams

Let me tell you a quick story. Recently, I was asked (by my fianc) to compare night creams and find her a good product that actually worked. Well, I asked her what exactly she wanted ...

Remedies For Your Dry Skin

Let's make one thing clear before we delve into the causes, symptoms and treatments of dry skin...this is a problem that is absolutely solvable and sometimes the answer is a lot more simple than you may think. If you have been covering up this problem thus far by using make-up or any other crea

The Untold Dangers of Parabens Revealed

What are the dangers of parabens you may ask? Parabens are a group of chemicals that are used as preservatives in most cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. Parabens have been discovered to alter the normal functions of the body and thus putting you at risk.

What Are the Best Body Creams For Your Skin?

Although most people really only pay attention to our faces, we all love to also keep the skin on our bodies looking great. The skin on our bodies may get neglected from time to time, especially if we have hectic schedules that make it difficult for us to take the time to give ourselves a good scrub

LifeCell Wrinkle Cream Review

LifeCell, made by South Beach Skin Care Company, is one of the newest topical creams. This cream claims to protect and rejuvenate the skin through the use of potent antioxidants. This product was highly recommended by Dr...