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Aromatherapy And Pregnancy

Aromatherapy is a natural healing science employing essential oils extracted from aromatic plant sources to treat and balance the body, mind and spirit. During pregnancy, aromatherapy can prove to be extremely beneficial and helpful alternative, while also being very easy to employ and use.

What and What Not to Eat During Pregnancy

The happiness that can be experienced at looking and holding one's child for the first time is usually worth the wait. However, as we wait for that moment, there are several foods that should and should not be eaten during pregnancy.

How to Get Pregnant With a Boy

While it may seem foolish to some people to try and control the sex of the baby, it is not at all uncommon. In order to know how to get pregnant with a boy, it would be wise to follow a plan with over a 90% success rate.

Changes To Your Body Temperature During Ovulation

It is possible to determine your most fertile days when you are ovulating by measuring your body temperature. During ovulation your body average temperature increases and this spike will indicate that

4 Rewarding Secrets to Get Pregnant Naturally

As a woman seeking to conceive and have healthy babies, you need to understand 4 rewarding secrets to get pregnant naturally, otherwise you will continue to suffer in silence. You can become pregnant

Acupuncture For Fertility: Will It Work For You?

If you are a married woman with no child, you are now probably eager to get pregnant. This is especially true if quite some time has already passed since your marriage. By now, you are probably already considering many different methods to help you become pregnant.

Technology to Make IVF More Affordable?

New technology could eventually make infertility treatments more effective and less expensive. Though it has so far only been tested with mouse embryos, the hope is that it could improve the process of selecting the most viable embryos for in vitro fertilization.

Whither the Breast Feeding Pump?

Medical research points to the advantages of breast feeding for infants, for the additional nutrients found in natural breast milk but also for the important bonding between a nursing mother and her child. Whether you are a returning parent to work, a stay-at-home mother with varying demands or even

Pregnancy Complications

Find WebMD's comprehensive coverage of pregnancy complications, including medical reference, news, pictures, videos, and more.

Best Lamaze Classes in NYC

New York City is a great place to be first-time expectant parents. There are many excellent Lamaze classes to choose from in the city. Lamaze classes are a great tool for preparing and teaching expectant mothers and fathers how to handle labor and other situations involving pregnancy and having a ch

Natural Fertility Treatment (an infertility option)

Natural Fertility Treatments is increasingly becoming more popular. Even clinical fertility experts are seeing the benefit of this treatment and impressed with the remarkable results it produces. Of t