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Birth Control Pill & Pregnancy Risks

For many women, the birth control pill is their preferred method of contraception due to its high success rate in pregnancy prevention and because of the convenience it provides since it does not interfere with sexual intercourse. In some cases, women who do not need to use birth control will take i

Organic Pregnancy Diet: Meat And Poultry

Everything you put into your body matters when you are expecting, which is why so many women opt for an organic pregnancy. Conventional poultry and meats are littered with harmful toxins that can take a toll on your baby’s health.

Bronchitis in a Pregnant Mother

Bronchitis can affect anyone.From children to the very old, the disease does not choose.It is very difficult for a pregnant mother having the infection.

Cure For Infertility

Being infertile means that you have been unable to conceive after trying to get pregnant for a year. Although this is a very expansive definition, there is no need to panic yet, there are plenty of things that you can do to control and improve all of the factors that contribute to infertility. Here

How Likely Am I to Get Pregnant With a Girl Or Boy Baby?

I'm asked this question quite a lot. But often, people will add some sort of unique or personal information into the question because they already have expectations as to the answer. For example, I'll often get questions like "how likely am I to have a boy when I've already had t

How Do I Know Whether I'm Fertile or Not?

Most women don't stop to think about their fertility until it really matters -- when they become pregnant or are trying to get pregnant. And for most women, that's just fine. Still, when it does matter, it's helpful to know which signs and symptoms mean you're on the right track. While checking off

C-Section Rates Are High and Getting Higher

Cesarean section deliveries are at an all-time high in the U.S. and are expected to keep rising, and new government-funded research may help explain the trend.

The Goodness of Folate (folic Acid)

One particular nutrient that should be taken seriously during pregnancy is folic acid. This vitamin from the family of B-vitamins prevents birth defects in a developing baby, aids in cell division and

What Is Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection?

An intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ISCI) is an in vitro fertilization procedure that involves taking a single sperm from a male and injecting it directly into an egg extracted from a female.

Get Pregnant Naturally - 5 Things to Stay Away From

If you want to get pregnant naturally, remember that the natural way is most often the best way. One of the most efficient ways to help hasten a stork sighting is to learn when you regularly ovulate, and then have regular (unprotected) sex throughout that time.

Uterine Fibroids and Pregnancy

Fibroids can grow inside the uterus and effect fertility and your pregnancy. The good news is that they are rarely problematic.

What Are The Various Maternity Swimwear Styles?

Halter, tankini, one-piece, bikini...the options are endless. When searching for that perfect maternity swimsuit one can feel overwhelmed, as there are so many different styles to choose from. As an expectant mother one also must find a suit that is comfortable, breathable, and easily adapts to your

Tips to Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

People with the stretch mark condition may have been advised to simply expect and accept stretch marks during pregnancy as nothing can be done with it, it's hereditary. Just the thought however of avoiding having to wear your bikini to the beach and hiding your skin for the rest of your life sh

Breast Milk Helps Mental Development In Premature Babies

Study after study clearly demonstrates the importance and benefits of breastfeeding. Now, a recent study shows that premature babies who are fed their mother's breast milk show better mental development than those who aren't.