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How Soon After Getting an IUD Can I Have Sex?

After being a victim of bad press for nearly four decades owing to the issues of the Dalkon Shield device, IUD's (intrauterine device) are making their comeback and are now welcomed by over 8% of American women, and this number is likely to skyrocket in the next few years. Most of this surge of

Staying Healthy and Happy During Pregnancy

It is often said that life becomes doubly meaningful when a woman is pregnant. Her state of being is always that of bliss and happiness. While this is true, in reality there will always be things that may mar this state of happiness and trigger some sort of discomfort and stress to the mother-to-be,

Pre-Term Labor-Recognizing Warning Signs and Symptoms

Sometimes it's hard to identify the signs and symptoms of pregnancy complications, including pre-term labor, because those signs are similar to what you'd experience during a normal, healthy pregnancy. It's easy to doubt yourself, but so important to trust your gut, and arm yourself w

Pregnancy & Dextromethorphan

Medical researchers have studied the safety of dextromethorphan---a commonly used cough suppressant---during pregnancy. Most have found no conclusive link between dextromethorphan and birth defects, but questions about its safety still worry would-be mothers.

Choose Your Baby's Gender - Have the Baby Girl Or Boy You Want

Have you always wanted a little baby girl? Or a bouncing baby boy? Well by implementing these three simple, all natural, steps you can tip the odds in your favor and choose to have a baby girl or baby boy! Thousands of couples have been successful in choosing their baby's gender, and so can you

Pregnancy Diet – Eat Right for a Healthy Baby

A healthy and nutritious diet is extremely important for every mom-to-be. Pregnancy is a very taxing period for every woman as she has to now consume enough food for herself as well as her baby. The d

The Ecstasy of Natural Birth

The benefits of natural childbirth are only just physical. An unmedicated birth just may be one of the greatest experiences of your life - really!

C-Sections Not Always Best for Small Babies

Babies in the womb who are smaller than they should be have higher rates of breathing problems when delivered early by C-section vs. similar babies who are born vaginally, a new study shows.

Paternity Dna Testing Faq

Not previously, experts devised a engineering to help ladies of their pregnancy by being conscious of the paternity some time before they give birth. To date, prenatal paternity DNA tests is now readily available starting 5 weeks of pregnancy.

Cures For Infertility Guaranteed to Finally Get You Pregnant Naturally!

Have you always known that it will be your future that you will be a wife and a mother one day? Are these just a dream that seem to be far off with the news that you are not capable of child rearing because you are infertile? If the answer you have to these questions is a painful yes then this artic

Pregnancy and the Quad Marker Screen

WebMD tells you why you might choose to have a quad marker screen, a blood test used during pregnancy that may reveal birth defects in the baby.