Tips for Easily Potty Training Boys

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Halloween and Special Needs

Children with special needs may need some extra magic to make their Halloween a treat. Find foods and finery designed to make the day less scary.

A Message for Daddy - Change Your Parenting Life!

47 seconds per day will be the accurate number for the duration of time an American father spent on conversation with his child!Fathers should be the one who love their children and want the best for them all the time. Think about it. Are you as a father too focused on your work? Are you as a father

Vinegar Fabric Softener

Other parents share their money saving tips. Use plain white vinegar to soften your clothes inexpensively.

Baking Up 'Fossils' for a Dinosaur Dig

Mariah and Oisín mixed flour, water and coffee grounds, formed the dough into shapes and then baked it to make fake fossils. They then buried the fossils in sand and set the guests on an archaeological dig to find the artifacts.

Your Children Are Watching You

Your children are learning from every move you make, just like wild animals learn from watching their parents. Actions speak louder than words. Your children are watching and they will learn to do what you do, not what you say.

Metal Rings

Do you have any of these unsafe items in your home? Do you know anyone who does? All of these items have been recalled because they are dangerous to your children or your family. If you see a picture of something you own, stop using it immediately. Each image has a link to full recall information so

The Effects of a Parent in Prison on a Child

Losing a parent for any length of time can be trying for children. Whether from parental separation, divorce or military deployment, the absence of a caregiver affects kids in a number of ways. But the incarceration of a parent has its own set of risks for families and the children within them.

Sending Adoption Announcements

It's a blessing beyond comprehension. You have adopted a child or baby and want to send adoption announcements. Think of the adoption announcements as his or her grand entrance into your family. Online Adoption announcements are a wonderful way to introduce your baby or child to everyone you kn

Teacher Appreciation Ideas

There's a fine line between showing appreciation and going broke. Finding just the right gift - at just the right price - can be challenging at best. And besides, how many apple-decorated key chains or coffee mugs can one teacher use? Remember, this isnt a competition to see which child or pare

The Importance of Tradition

Traditions can be carried through families or form part of a national or community identity. Let's have a look at the value and relevance of tradition in our daily life.

Science Fiction Books for your Children

Science fiction, it is a popular topic among both the children and the elders; this creates the interest to come along with that. Nowadays lots and lots of books are been published in this topic. The style and language used in one book will not be the same as in the other.

How to Keep Your Kids Busy on Bad Weather Days

Fall and winter will inevitably bring rainy days that keep the kids indoors and often cancel outdoor events that serve as energy-busters. Staying inside all day is not the treat that it can be for adults, because typical bad-weather activities for adults like napping and reading are horrifying to mo