Tips for Easily Potty Training Boys

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Is Your Child Becoming A Praise Junkie?

Can parents praise children too much? For years parenting experts have claimed that praise is important for children's self-esteem so parents have immersed children in words of praise. But too much priase can demotivate children rather than motivate them to extend themselves and take risks.

Children Bring Blessings

We should never forget that children are precious and as adults we need to appreciate the blessings they bring. As parents we often neglect our responsibilities and pursue our own selfish desires. We need to be aware of these little ones and keep looking out for them.

My Kids Never Finish Anything

Kids learn by finishing what they start. Helping kids realize the value of doing what you say you're going to do is a valuable life lesson that all parents should strive to teach their children. Commitment, hard work, and not giving up when things get tough are essential to survival and success

S-911 GPS Tracking Bracelet

Your elderly mother or father has fallen and needs immediate help, but nobody knows there's an emergency.

Discipline for Disrespectful Teenagers

Youngsters create examples of relating. It's anticipated. You realize that on the off chance that you say no to your four-year-old, she's prone to have a fit, or when you give a guideline to your eight-year-old she'll contend with you, or when you reprimand your thirteen-year-old, he


This article is a help to parents, who wants to create a baby album. If you are unsure, where to begin in creating a scrapbook of you babys first years, go read the article for ...

Parenting Tips - Children And Chores - Unexpected Benefits

As you know, I am a big believer in children having regular chores to do within the family.I believe in it because it benefits the children to be part of a team and contribute, helps them build their self-confidence and gain a sense of responsibility.But even I was surprised by some unexpected benef

Parenting, Custody Rights, and Recessions

It is commonly known that over 75% of all people who get married have at least one divorce in their life. And whereas, it is true that some people find that they've made a mistake and it makes sense that they shouldn't have to go through life feeling sorry for themselves, as it sure plays

Bonding With Your Teenage Daughter

Looking for a way to bond with your teenage daughter?Collaborate together to design a creative new closet in her room.Use decorative glam children's hangers to give her closet some style.

Five Things Every Parent Should Know About Teenagers

Have you ever wondered what happened to the sweet, innocent child you brought into this world?The teen years are surprising, overwhelming, outrageous, exciting, challenging, and all-together exasperating to many parents.If any of this struck a nerve with you, please know that you are not alone.I tal

Twin Baby Shower Invitation When You Want Something Unique

Your friend is expecting twice the bundle of a normal shower. So you are going to be creating the twin baby shower invitation yourself. Don't worry, you don't have to have be a poetic genius, there are other options.