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Choosing the Right Crib For a New Born Baby

It's a great feeling for parents to have their baby around the house; babies are bringing amazing joy and a new life to each and every home. However, we as parents must make our home a baby-friendly safe zone.

Safety Tips to Protect Kids

Safety tips help prevent accidents.Dangerous safety placard image by k9dg from Fotolia.comProtecting our children is one of the most important jobs we have as parents and guardians. Keeping kids safe requires vigilance on our part, but it also requires educating children as to what the...

Tips on How to Buy Baby Toys

Toys are usually part of a baby's first years, as they act as a means through which the baby gets to first make out objects and relate them to their uses. But there are some things to be born in mind when thinking about the types of toys to get for your child.

How to Remember Your Child's Milestones With Baby Keepsake Gifts

Every step makes advancement for a child's growth. Every second counts. Hold on to those memories, because they only happen once. Treasure each drop of joy, for years pass so fast. Here, we come to realize that we need to have and hold some baby keepsake gifts, may they be from other people or

Activities To Get You and Your Kid Outside

If you are dreading the return of summer because your kids will be home, then you just need some fun activities to keep them busy. These games will not only keep the kids entertained but also assist you wear the kids out.

Discover Pockets of Quality Time in Your Everyday Routine

Quality time can be hard to find. Between working full-time, managing your home, and balancing all of your other responsibilities, taking time to play with your kids may feel like one more thing on your to-do list. However, maintaining your relationship with your children is one of the most importan

When Should My Child Start Swimming Lessons?

Swimming is one of the most important activities a child can learn to do and parents are often concerned about the best time to begin their child's swim lessons. However, the ideal age of a child is less important than just making sure a child has swim lessons at some point. After understanding

The Hunger Games, A Parents Guide

The Hunger Games book series is simply a brilliant and thought-provoking read, for parents, teens and young adults. But, I would caution parents of children under the age of 12 to read the books with their preteens or allow them to wait until, read more.

Tips for Choosing Free Baby Shower Invitations

A baby shower is often held a month or two before the birth of the baby. It's generally not considered a good idea to hold the baby shower during the last month of pregnancy. At times baby showers are held after the baby is born. The advantage here is that the gifts can be more gender specific.

My Baby Wont Sleep

If your reading this there is a fairly good chance you are where me and my partner were just a short time ago, our then 3 month old daughter Lily, had decided that she was going to sleep all day and wake all night. Or so it seemed as we were pacing the bedroom in the small hours arguing about who&ap

Wholesome Foods for a Baby

Babies often begin to eat solid foods at 4 to 6 months of age. While breast milk or formula remain the most important sources of nutrition for babies until 12 months of age, wholesome solid foods can give babies additional nutrients. Many parents will opt to make their own baby food as it is made fr

Growing Up

Childhood is a bewildering introduction into adolescence an exploration into a time of clumsy misgivings. It begins with pooping the pants, a floppy head omitting endless drool, excursions into an unknown world, wearing applesauce and the challenging of every adult's endurance. It's a time

Reading to Older Kids in School, Part 2

Teachers in a wide range of subject areas at secondary schools, colleges, and universities are discovering what their colleagues in the teaching of literature have long known about the power of readin

Do Grandparents Have Rights in Alaska?

In Alaska, grandparents can ask for visitation as part of a custody proceeding, either current or already settled. Otherwise they will need an attorney.

Baby Boomers and Exercise - The Truth at Last

Baby Boomers and exercise do mix - the outcome is an improved quality of life that you could scarcely imagine. The truth is well removed from the claim that nothing short of a half marathon every day will do when it comes to baby boomers and exercise program success.They key question for every baby