Baby Bedding Sets - 7 Pieces to Buy First

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How to Calculate Nanny Pay

Taking care of children is a tough job and requires proper compensation. There are various types of nannies you can hire, so you will need consider the type of nanny you want to hire. For example, do you want a live-in nanny or do you require more of a babysitter type of nanny who comes to the house

Parenting for a Tired Mom

You've just finished the race of the evening and too tired to even feel guilty about not having read a good night story you slump down by the computer with a cup of tea and a cookie... make that two cookies! As the night becomes quiet and you feel your tired limbs scream for a shower and bed yo

Organic Bassinet Bedding Gentle on the Infant’s Skin

Beddings for bassinet are easily available in the market in a huge variety. These beddings are made up of different fabrics such as organic material, synthetic material and a blend of cotton and polyester. Each ...

The Concept of Potty Training Girls

It is very important that you train your kids about bathroom basics. Potty training girls are considered as an easy task rather than that of training the boys.

Find Free Samples of Baby Stuff and Save Your Money

Are you looking for the best products for your baby? But, here the question: Can you afford to buy all that you need for your baby?In a recession, most people find it hard to make ends meet and find it difficult to afford the daily costs required for caring for their baby.

On the Go Bottle Warmer

With Prince Lionheart On The Go Bottle Warmer, you can now heat baby bottles and food jars anywhere. The use of this product is not restricted to cars and SUVs, they can be used anywhere.

List of Baby Needs When First Born

Caring for a newborn is overwhelming. All babies have the same needs: food, sleep and clean diapers. Hospital personnel provides both parents formula and diapers. Prepare in advance for your baby. Personal preference and lifestyle will determine the brands and styles of the products used to meet you

Baby Names: Celebrity Style

Not so long ago we looked at personalised baby gifts, by tying the topic into the ludicrous world of celebrities and their baby names. We had some real crackers in there, thanks to the likes of Jason Lee, Sly Stallone and Frank Lampard. Happily, there are loads more where they came from.

Clean & Simple Sport Bottle by The First Years

The First Years Clean & Simple Spill-Proof Sports Bottle is a great sippy cup for toddlers. If you're tired of cleaning sippy cup valves, the built-in valve on this cup is perfect for you. It's easy to clean, too! Learn about the Clean & Simple sippy cup with this review from your Guide to

Discipline Or Punishment?

Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6He that spareth his rod hateth his son, but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes. Proverbs 13:24

Fire Safety on Halloween

Fire safety is something every child should learn, and is especially important around the holidays. Light-up decorations and open flames can often times present a problem on Halloween, especially around the costumes of excited trick-or-treaters. Taking a few safety precautions before the big night c

Reinforcing Good Behavior in Children

This morning after my children left for school, I walked into the bathroom and saw clothes all over the floor. Needless to say I was not impressed. Rebekah had forgotten (yet again) to pick up her clothes after her shower.

Baby Swimming Lessons

There are many possible ways that can be used for the swimming process of baby. Every baby has the potential to recognize the factor of buoyancy in water. If a baby gets comfortable with the ...

Tips on How to Air Travel With a Toddler

Providing a pacifier during the flight will minimize a toddler's ear pressure pain.nice baby image by Yuriy Chertok from Fotolia.comA wriggling, screaming toddler and an airplane full of glaring passengers is a frightening scenario for any parent. Moms and dads may wonder if it's even...

More Bullying Questions Answered

Bullying in schools affects kids' learning and self-confidence. Find out how to teach your child to deal with bullying and stand up to the school bully.

Dealing With Toddler Sibling Rivalry

One father reports: "Mark and Julie were having one of their constant fights. Julie slyly approached Mark and bit him solidly on his back. Mark instantly cried out: 'Daddy, Mommy, you have to help me. Make Julie stop.' I felt so humiliated for Mark that here he was five years old and

Empty Nest Support

No understands what it feels like to pack your child off to college better than someone who's going through it too. Your friends are your best source of empty nest support.

Character Building In American Schools

What are parents concerned with their children learning during Early Childhood Education (ECE)? This article examines what the author feels is the most important element of ECE, the development of good character. However, what we are shown here is that a trend which began during the Great Depression