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Obesity, Smoking Linked to Teen Migraines

Teens are more likely to have chronic headaches or migraines when they are overweight, smoke cigarettes, or get little or no exercise, new research shows.

Techniques For Back Pain Relief

There are tons of techniques for back pain relief, some work faster than others, some are quick-fix, some are longer lasting. Let's face it, dealing with pain in any part of your back can be frustrating - it restricts your mobility, flexibility, and production throughout the day... So, you shou

Memory Foam Mattresses and Pain Relief

Many people purchase memory foam mattresses and pillows because they are simply the most comfortable sleep surfaces available, however there is a large number of consumers who purchase visco-elastic products because of the health benefits. Sleep Apnea is a common condition that affects more than twe

Tennis Elbow Tips - What Is The BEST Cure For Tennis Elbow?

If you are reading this then you too are in a place I found myself in a while back. Tennis elbow is a very frustrating injury which you may have got during tennis, golf and manual labour (it isn't just from tennis). This injury limits the amount of pushing, pulling, twisting and grabbing you ca

Why Does Pain Get Worse As We Grow Older?

To many people pain is not a stranger to them. As the years creep up so does the pain and as the body ages it doesn't manage inflammation very well. Also the immune system is weak. A strong immune system is providing support for defence against a number of health issues, and pain is one of them

Can Glucosamine Help In Minimizing Pain?

Glucosamine sulfate is a compound found naturally occurring in the body and is likewise found in shellfish. Dietary supplements of glucosamine are indeed typically made from shellfish shells and can also be produced from non-natural materials in the laboratory.

Effective Lower Back Pain Treatment

I first recall having back pains in October of 2004.On the outset it was nothing more than a minor irritant after having sat for too long.It is now become much more than that.I am definitely in one of the risk groups for needing lower back pain treatment.My problem is pretty much brought on by my ow

How to Control TMJ Ear Pain

TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disease, is a collection of painful characteristics that involve the jaw and surrounding areas and tissues. TMJ may cause ear pain; an inability to fully open your mouth or jaw; locking of the jaw or clicking and popping sounds; headaches and temple pain; swelling and

How To Know If You Can Avoid Back Surgery

Hundreds of thousands of back surgeries are performed every year in the US. Overall the successful outcomes from these surgeries range dramatically depending on why the surgery was performed and the technical skill with which it is performed. How can surgery be avoided and how would a person know if

How Chiropractic Can Alleviate Neck Pain

The neck, also referred to as the "cervical spine", is in charge of many very important tasks. It supports the entire weight of your head (which averages about twelve pounds), it allows you to move your head in a wide range of directions, and it provides you with flexibility. It is precise

Chiropractic Care and Accident Treatment Recommendations

Accidents happen. But finding the right Chiropractor here in Panama City or anywhere should not be an accident. After an accident you are faced with many challenges not the least of which is how to find the right doctor to fix your problems.

Non-Invasive Treatments For Whiplash Injury and Chiropractic Care

Whiplash injury and Chiropractic care is most often the result of a vehicle accident. More specifically, whiplash is caused by the sudden yanking motion of the head backwards, forwards or to the side (as will occur during a collision), but it can also be the result of a sports injury. Unfortunately,

Symptoms of an Ulcer

Most ulcers are in the Duodenum, first part of the small intestine, and not in the stomach. Only 4% of stomach ulcers are caused by malignant tumors. Duodenal ulcers are generally benign.

Migraine Headache Cure

There are many reasons that a person may get migraines. They can be a symptom of another underlying medical condition such as a tumor or clinical depression. They could be triggered by hormone fluctuations or from a withdrawal to certain medications or drugs. They could also be triggered by several

Lumbar Herniated Disc-What Happens

The gradual wearing out of spinal discs is a natural part of aging that can often lead to a herniated disc. However, only a few people who have herniated discs have severe or troublesome symptoms. Due to age, injury, or both, a disc's outer layer, the cap