3 Simple Back Exercises in Less Than 5 Minutes

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Rib Pain - Why Do My Ribs Hurt?

Fractured ribs are one of the most common chest injuries. Perth chiropractor Stacey Burke discusses cracked ribs, popped ribs, fractured and broken ribs. The type of symptoms and treatment for rib pain.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is Not Caused by a Narrowing of the Carpal Tunnel

Common medical wisdom and most everything that you will find on the internet about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) agrees that CTS is caused by a narrowing of the carpal tunnel, and/or a compression of the median nerve.Unfortunately, this definition in not only unhelpful if you want to get rid of your

What a Pain

We all experience pain at one time or another. When it appears, we know it's there, no one has to tell us what it is. Pain can be acute or chronic, and can be disabling. It is important to treat pain in such a way that it does not become chronic, and so it does not bring about dangerous drug de

Paracentral Disk Protrusion - What is That and How Do I Get Rid of It?

A paracentral disc protrusion is a relatively common disc condition that can be related to a lot of pain. In most of the cases, conventional treatments help release the acute pain. This article describes what exactly a paracentral disc is and what you can do about it.

How Chronic Low Back Pain Can Affect Your Brain

We all know how physically debilitating an episode of low back pain can be, but did you know that if this becomes a chronic condition it can actually begin to affect your brain? Disability from low back pain is a growing public health problem in Australia with a lifetime prevalence rate of between 6

Unusual Headache Syndromes

This review explores some of the more unusual headache disorders whose pathophysiology is still not clearly understood, but which may not be as uncommon as previously thought.

How To Choose A Competent Chiropractor

When you are looking for a chiropractor in Manhattan, you are in pain. To improve, you will have to find the best possible professional in New York who can help you get better soon.

Why Does a Lumbar Disk Protrusion Cause Pain?

Four out of five people are affected by lower back pain at some point in their lives. One cause of pain in the back and the rest of the lower body is a protruding lumbar disk.

Laser Spine Surgery And Its Advantages

There are times when people may experience back ache or some painful feelings that are somehow related to their spines. This can be caused by quite a lot of factors. Fortunately, there are quite a few ways people can use to recover from this back or spine ache. This ache can be liberated from numero

How To Prevent Back Pain For Frequent Travelers

Many individuals who don't typically suffer from chronic back pain find that long flights trigger either back or neck spasms. The situation is even worse for those who are frequent travelers, and the airport seems like their second home. If you belong to one of them, it is fortunate that there

Osteoarthritis - Was a Previous Injury to Blame For Your Knee Pain?

Most people when told they have osteoarthritis of the knee respond with something like "must have been that old football injury" or "its all those years of working in a tight space" Is this the case? Could you have prevented your arthritis by remaining injury free or doing a diff

Benefits of Glucosamine Supplementation

Glucosamine is an amino sugar found in glycosaminoglycans that are naturally found in healthy cartilage. Glucosamine is also found in the stomach where it combines with hydrochloric acid to make hyluronic acid which is present naturally in the joint cartilage, ligaments, tendons and synovial fluid.

Majority of Lower Back Surgeries Are Successful

Most people experience low back pain at one time or another. In fact, Kansas University Medical Center researchers estimate 75% of all people will experience back pain at some time in their lives.

Spinal Cord Stimulation for Back Pain

Spinal cord stimulation is recommended for back pain when other treatments have failed. WebMD examines this procedure and its role in pain management.