The Effects of Breathing Aerosol Spray

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Five Ways to Visualize Your Goals

Whatever your goal is -- riches, fame, success or, more modestly, contentment or satisfaction -- there is a school of thought that states you can achieve it by seeing it in your mind. There are methods to assist you in developing a mental picture that you can use to propel yourself to the result you

Products Made from the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea produces a number of skin care products.coral dead sea image by A74.FR Ben Fontaine from Fotolia.comThe search for perfect skin has led people to research a number of natural products. Those which are high in vitamins and minerals have been proven time and again to help...

Over-the-Counter Products for Excessive Supination

Excessive supination is the turning outward of the foot at the ankle in such a way that you walk on the outside of your foot. In other words, it is the twisting of the foot and ankle. Excessive supination can lead to foot and ankle injuries, heel spurs, foot pain, shinsplints, hip or...

The Effects of Arcoxia

Arcoxia is a medicine containing the active ingredient etoricoxib, which is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug. Arcoxia alleviates the symptoms of several arthritic conditions, including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It's also useful for the management of ankylosing spondylitis, and th

Side Effects of Imiquimod

Imiquimod is a topical prescription drug that is sold under the Aldara brand name. This drug is used to treat external warts around the rectal and genital areas. This medication also treats actinic keratoses and superficial basal cell carcinoma.

How to Put on a Knee Sleeve

Weak-kneed isn't just an expression used to describe someone who yields to temptation; some people actually do have weak or easily injured knees. Repetitive knee strain from sports or on the job injuries lead many people to look for a solution to chronic knee pain. In many cases the knee needs more

Over the Counter Remedy for UTI

Urinary tract infections are painful, and can become dangerous quickly. Women are usually the targets of urinary tract infections, but men need to be aware of the symptoms as well. Bacteria causes these infections, and oral antibiotics are usually the preferred method of treatment. Over-the-counter

Histinex HC Side Effects

Histinex HC is a combination medicine that is used for the treatment of symptoms that are commonly associated with allergies, the common cold, influenza, hay fever, and respiratory disorders such as bronchitis and sinusitis. It is comprised of a decongestant, which helps with stuffy noses, and an an

What Vitamin Is Good for Hair?

Nutrition is an important part of having healthy hair. According to Dr. Obikoya of, "metabolic requirements of the cells of the hair follicle must be met or adequate and optimal hair growth will not occur." There are a number of vitamin supplements you can take that will ensur

Side Effects of Aspirin & Tylenol

Aspirin and Tylenol are sold as over-the-counter drugs. Both have analgesic properties and are recommended for pain relief and similar symptoms. However, Tylenol is recommended for people who cannot tolerate aspirin.

Other Medicinal Uses of the Aloe Plant

Aloe vera has many healing uses besides moisturizing and burn soothing properties.aloe vera image by Magdalena Mirowicz from Fotolia.comMost people are familiar with aloe vera gel as a soothing, healing substance for burns and dry skin, and it is also a favorite houseplant. Cut a fresh...

Products Containing Ephedrine & Ephedra

Ephedra, sometimes called ma huang, refers to a Chinese herb previously sold as a weight loss supplement and athletic performance enhancer. Ephedra stimulates the central nervous system and increases heart rate. The Federal Drug Administration banned over-the-counter supplements containing ephedra i

The Effects of Loratadine

Loratadine soothes allergic reactions in most cases without side effects.girl with swollen eye / crying / allergy image by Katrina Miller from Fotolia.comLoratadine, most commonly sold in the U.S. as Claritin, is a long-acting antihistamine used to treat allergies. Most effects associated...

Why Can't I Take Ciprofloxacin HCL With Dairy Products?

Ciprofloxacin is an antibiotic prescribed to treat various infections, including urinary tract infections and some cases of acute sinusitis (inflammation of the sinuses). The drug is sold under a number of different brand names but is most widely known by the name Cipro. Regardless of the brand name