The Effects of Breathing Aerosol Spray

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Is It Safe to Use Box Elder as Wood Mulch?

Box elder (Acer negundo) is a deciduous tree favored for its fast growth and urban adaptability. Growing throughout the United States, this variety of maple thrives in bottomlands and tolerates poor soil. Box elder, also called ash leaf maple, grows up to 60 feet in height with a spreading canopy. W

The Effects of Pepper Spray & Tear Gas

Pepper spray and tear gas are popular defense products used by police departments and private individuals. Tear gas is used mainly for crowd control, but pepper spray is more commonly used to subdue violent individuals.

Where Can I Buy a Bottle of Syrup of Ipecac?

Syrup of ipecac is a product made from the extract of dried root of ipecacuanha, a Brazilian plant. The syrup is an emetic, or stomach irritating agent which causes vomiting. It is used for emergency removal of toxic substances from the gastric system before absorption can take place when poison has

What Is Codiene Phosphate?

Codeine phosphate is classified as an opiate and is described as an analgesic (pain reliever). This medication is available by prescription and has the risk of causing substance abuse.

How to Assess the Performance of Pepper Spray in Use-Of-Force Encounters

Pepper spray is a device frequently used by law enforcement and security officers to disperse crowds and to disable violent suspects. Pepper spray has advantages over other weapons such as batons and firearms from a legal standpoint because pepper spray does not leave any lasting effects on its targ

Biblical Healing Herbs

"Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of the Earth... " Genesis 1:29. It is not uncommon to find both practical and spiritual uses of plants and herbs throughout the Bible. Plants are first introduced as a food source in the Old Testament book of...

How Phentermine Works

PhenterminePhentermine hydrochloride (HCL), typically referred to as simply phentermine, is a prescription drug for dietary weight loss. The drug is available in pill form and is typically prescribed to obese individuals for short-term use. Though the pill works as an appetite...

What Is Mederma?

Mederma is a topical gel made from botanical extracts that can be purchased over-the-counter. It is used to minimize the appearance of new or existing scars that are the result of surgery, acne, burns or injuries. It is also used to minimize the appearance of stretch marks brought on by pregnancy or

IV Insulin Protocol

Insulin is a protein within the body that regulates glucose and breaks down carbohydrates. When giving insulin intravenously, there is always a special protocol for different situations so the patient does not receive too much or too little insulin when needed. If the patient was to receive too much

How to Buy Optimum Whey Protein

Optimum carries a variety of whey protein powders. It is important that you understand the varieties of whey protein to help you purchase the protein that matches your body type and fitness goals.

Vitamins for the Toddler Stage

Toddlers needs vitamins to help fuel all that activity.Happy Toddler image by Mary Beth Granger from Fotolia.comParents and caretakers of toddlers can easily tell you how difficult it can be to coax picky little ones into eating nutrient-packed meals. Toddlers, children ages 1 to 3, are...

Side Effects of Gemfibrozil

Gemfibrozil is a prescription medicine that is used in the treatment of high cholesterol levels. The medication is classified as being a fibrate drug, which is a group of drugs used to treat a variety of metabolic disorders. It is meant to be taken alongside a nutritional and balanced diet, as well

Negative Side Effects of B Complex on the Skin

B complex vitamins are necessary for maintaining proper metabolism, regulating the nervous system, heart health, fighting stress and in general, keeping the body healthy and operating smoothly. B complex consists of eight vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12. Any side effect of any one of th

Long-Term Side Effects of Melatonin

Individuals who suffer from occasional sleep difficulties may benefit from the short term effects of melatonin supplements. Melatonin is known for its effects on sleep cycle rhythms, and for its role as an antioxidant within the body. Relatively few short term effects are associated with the use of

Side Effects of Nipride

Nipride, generically recognized as "nitroprusside," is a drug that is used to treat high blood pressure and individuals with congestive heart failure. Side effects that may occur as a result of use can range in severity based on the particular user.

What Are the Benefits of the Horse Chestnut Herb?

Horse chestnut has been used as a medicinal remedy for hundreds of chestnut bud image by Alison Bowden from Fotolia.comHorse chestnut trees are native to Greece and northern India, although they are now found throughout Europe. The main active ingredient in horse chestnut is a...

Do Beta-Blockers Cause Depression?

Why, after decades of widespread use of these drugs, has it been difficult to determine whether beta-blockers indeed cause depression?