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Get Healthy! A Heart Disease Diet You Can Live With

When you hear the words 'heart disease diet', does your mind immediately rush to dry fiber crackers with a fake margarine topping? Or perhaps skinned chicken breasts with no sauce? Relax - there is a tastier way to improve your health with these heart disease diet tips.

Vitamin E and Your Heart

Those looking to establish some 'heart healthy' habits for the New Year might consider increasing their intake of vitamin E -- just don't look to do it through food.

Whole Grains Fight Belly Fat

A diet rich in whole grains may help fight your belly bulge while lowering the risk of heart disease.

Regulate Your Diet to Combat High Cholesterol Risks

High cholesterol levels can be checked by following a prescribed regimen including diet and exercise. Diet supplements like oatmeal have been scientifically proven to lower high cholesterol levels.

5 Ways You Can Help Stop America's Biggest Killer

When I mean killer, I am not referring to a murdering psychopath but heart disease. Heart disease is responsible for more deaths in America than any other disease with nearly 1 out of every four having some form of the condition.

Low Cholesterol Diet - Decrease Risk of Heart Diseases

Cholesterol is a fatty wax lipid that can be found in the cell membranes of humans and animals.Cholesterol is a tricky little devil, because if it gets out of hand you could have a serious health risk, including heart attack and other potentially fatal conditions. That is why it is so important to h

Types of Atrial Flutter

Atrial flutter involves the abnormal beating of the heart, either in its speed or rhythm, known as a arrhythmia. Electrical impulses control the beating of the heart. In people with atrial flutter, an abnormal circuit develops, causing the heart to beat too fast. Rapid beating presents problems for

Looking At The Mortality From Heart Disease

The mortality from heart disease remains high. In the United States, it is the number one killer. It still ranks considerably ahead of cancer, accidents, and AIDS. Although many deaths appear sudden, they are slow in the making. It takes many years for high cholesterol to develop into a problem. You

Acid Rain & Heart Disease

Acid rain is the deposition of acidic components in rain, snow, fog, dew or dry particles that come from sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. These dangerous chemical pollutants can have a severe impact on human health, including pulmonary disorders and heart disease. Much research is being done to c

10 Signs of a Heart Attack

With the word "attack" in the phrase, most people think heart attacks grab hold suddenly, felling them with little warning. Not so. Many heart attacks come on gradually, without intense pain and sometimes with symptoms that come and go. The signs of a heart attack can be confusing enough...