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The Heart and Its Electrical System

The heart has four chambers. The two upper chambers are called atria and the two lower chambers are called ventricles. Normally, the heartbeat starts in the right atrium in a group of special heart cells called the sinus node. These cells act as a pacemaker for the heart.The heart's pacemaker se

Diet to Reduce Cholesterol - Lower Cholesterol Effectively

Right now many people are facing high cholesterol in blood which is the result of incorrect eating habits especially having food that presence of and Tran's fat and sugar. When you have high cholesterol, blood flow through your arteries is so difficult which increases the risk of a heart attack

Naproxen & Heart Disease

Naproxen is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that is available both over the counter and by prescription to treat pain resulting from menstruation, injury or illnesses such as arthritis. The medication is usually marketed as Aleve or Anaprox in its over-the-counter formulation. There a

Cardiac Arrest and the Cardiac Defibrillator

Immediate use of a cardiac defibrillator would be considered the most efficient response when dealing with cardiac arrest. Many of these are found in hospitals and ambulances but you can also purchase one for home use if someone is at risk for heart problems. Because the ambulance is not usually fas

Ten Tips For Good Heart Health

Heart disease remains a major cause of death yet there is much that you can do to prevent it.Here are ten simple tips for looking after your heart.

Heart Attack and Unstable Angina-Exams and Tests

Emergency evaluation for a heart attackAfter you call for a heart attack, paramedics will quickly assess your heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate and place electrodes on your chest for an electrocardiogram (EKG, ECG). An electrocardiogram is a graphic record of the heart's electrical

The Multifaceted Cardiac Sodium Channel

New and significant genetic mutations associated with a wide array of potentially lethal clinical conditions are being discovered at a rapid pace, thanks to unsurpassed advances in molecular techniques.


The authors provide a clinical trial update of these 2 trials focusing on lipid-lowering therapy

Heart Failure Exercise Log

An exercise log for people with heart failure. Check with your doctor before beginning an exercise program.

Tropical Oils and Heart Disease

Tropical oils have made a big splash lately, especially coconut oil. There are currently six brands of frozen desserts based on coconut milk, and it is also sold as an alternative to cow's milk.However, people with heart disease should limit their consumption of the saturated fats that are fou