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Women, Are You At Risk For a Heart Attack or Stroke?

If you're like most women, you probably don't think much about heart attacks and strokes. But these heart diseases are the number 1 & 3 killers in women. Almost 1/2 million women will die of these complications each year.

Natural Cures for Congestive Heart Failure

Congestive heart failure is not a condition in which the heart suddenly and completely fails. It is a condition in which the heart fails to operate correctly. Often associated with heart disease, in congestive heart failure the heart no longer pumps blood efficiently. Congestive heart failure someti

Vagally Mediated Atrioventricular Block

Vagally mediated AV block is associated with slowing of the sinus rate, and there is much to learn about diagnosing and treating patients with this aberrant conduction pattern . . .

Electrocardiogram (EKG, ECG)

Find WebMD's comprehensive coverage of electrocardiogram (EKG, ECG), including medical reference, news, pictures, videos, and more.

Do Women Need To Take Statins To Prevent Heart Disease?

Do statin medications like Lipitor prevent heart attacks in women? If you are a woman can you benefit from taking a medication to lower your cholesterol? The answer for women without a prior history of heart disease is...probably not.

The Dangers of Low Cholesterol

Everyone "knows" that high cholesterol "causes" heart disease.You may think you know what the problem of cholesterol is all about, but before you jump on the anti-cholesterol bandwagon learn about the studies showing the dangers of low cholesterol.

What is Cholesterol and How Can You Go About Lowering Cholesterol?

In the world today, millions of people are walking around with high cholesterol and not even realising it. In the United States alone the figure is over 100 million people that have elevated cholesterol. To take control of your Cholesterol level, you first have to understand what Cholesterol is and

Sudden Death in Athletes

A new study shows that PET scans may be able to detect when some kids are at risk of dying during sports because of an enlarged heart. Some researchers suggest screening all student athletes for the condition.

Role Of Inflammation In Heart Disease

Even though it is not proven if inflammation causes heart disease, this condition is very common for heart disease as well as stroke patients. It is thought to be a sign of heart disease, so it is important to know what it is as well as what it can do to your heart. Inflammation is caused by factors