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Natural Compound From Magnolia Tree Can Protect Heart From Hypertrophy

Recent studies show that the natural compound isolated from the magnolia tree has the ability to help heart from hypertrophy. And the remedy has been applied by the people in Asia for centuries with acknowledge among a wide area of people, which gave the scientists inspiration to study the substance

Herbs for Cardiovascular Health

If you are a true fitness buff you would care a lot about heart health. You would go all out for all-natural food. And knowing what you could about herbs for cardiovascular health is definitely a plus factor here.

The Potential Health Benefits of Cardiac Supplements

There is growing evidence that red yeast rice and omega-3 fatty acid supplements may decrease the risk of sudden cardiac death. Taken in moderation, these products from nature have been show to prolong survival in some patients with heart disease.

Tomato As a Medicine For Heart Disease

Tomato is a kind of fruits that is always interesting to serve. It is not only delicious, but also healthy. That is why, recently, a scientist from Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge, launches a supplement that contains tomato extract. In fact, this supplement is called by medical world as a med

How Bee Pollen Can Help People With Cardiac Problems

Cardiac issues are becoming quite popular these days. Earlier, it was believed that such issues only affected the elderly. However, it can be seen that even youngsters are falling prey to this issue.

Cryoglobulinemia Diagnosis

Cryoglobulinemia is a condition in which abnormal proteins are found in the blood. The proteins are called cryoglobulins that become thick and gel-like in cold temperatures. This thickening may cause blood vessels to become blocked resulting in serious complications.

Mitral Valve Replacement

Illustration copyright 2003 Nucleus Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. http://www.nucleusinc.comMitral valve replacement surgery is an open - heart procedure. The damaged heart valve is removed and replaced with a new valve. There are two types of replacement valve: a mechanical heart valve m