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Sample Diet to Lower Cholesterol - Diets to Reduce Cholesterol Level Naturally

Everyone wants to maintain a healthy cholesterol level. Lowering down to 200 seems to be a healthy option, which can make you risk free from heart diseases. Most of the foods nowadays contain fats and sugar, which raises the level of cholesterol. We mostly ignore them and as a result we suffer from

Curcumin May Prevent Clogged Arteries

Curcumin, the compound that gives curry spice powder its yellowish color, may protect arteries from fatty buildup, new research in mice shows.

Gang War Over Heart Disease

I am indeed the product of my environment. I am a cardiothoracic surgical nurse on one of the most renowned open heart teams in the nation, maybe the world. As such, I am immersed in a culture of cut, tie, repair, meaning, I look for the surgical remedy as 'the' remedy in regards to heart

Cancer in Heart Disease Patients

The complexities of managing coexisting heart disease and cancer are examined in an attempt to outline strategic principles for providing optimal care.

Cholesterol In The Diet - The Good, The Bad The Deadly

Oatmeal has made its mark on the Health World playing field as a cholesterol buster. Join the "movement toward better overall health.This simple ingredient is so versitale if you really think about it and it is wonderful for your body. While other foods that get a bad rap for the production of

Crestor FAQ: New Benefits for Statins

Questions and answers about a study that shows the cholesterol-lowering drug Crestor may cut heart risk even when cholesterol levels are already low.

Am I Going to Have a Hear Attack or Stroke?

Adults whose blood pressure is over 140/90 mm Hg are afflicted with hypertension and are more likely to have strokes and heart disease. It is advisable that those afflicted with this condition see their doctors immediately and start planning on how best to manage their high blood pressure.

Why You Have to Try the Polar Heart Monitor Watches

Health and fitness is the hottest topic for all. The reason is that everyone is suffering from stress and this is the biggest point of concern for the health care experts. Obesity is on the increase and has been found to be the sole reason for many life threatening ailments. Doctors and fitness expe

The Best Supplements to Prevent Heart Disease

For years it was thought that taking vitamins B, C and E would help prevent heart disease. But now, after some recent research, it has been determined that those supplements don't really do whole lot to prevent heart disease. We do, however, have a list of supplements that can help prevent hear

Risks of Coronary Artery Surgery

Angioplasty, stenting and coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) are the three most common types of coronary artery surgery. All are designed to restore unrestricted blood flow to the heart and carry some risk. Heart attack or stroke, during or immediately after a procedure, is always a risk.