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Toppings for Quinoa

Enjoy quinoa for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Quinoa has a subtle, slightly earthy flavor that you can pair with many different toppings. Although lighter, with a crunchier texture than rice, quinoa can replace rice in almost any dish and cooks in about half the time. Quinoa comes in different color

How to Cook Raw Pork Skins Crispy the Old Fashioned Way

Crispy, blistered and golden brown, old-fashioned fried pork skins come from applying a combination of three cooking techniques to pork belly: braising, confiting and frying. Braising the pork, or cooking it low and slow in liquid, renders the copious amounts of subcutaneous fat that get in the way

How to Store Your Coffee Beans

Most of us love and will always want to have our coffee fresh, but the problem is that we do not understand the first thing about coffee making. As a matter of fact, you have to make sure that you keep away from the pre-ground coffee that line the supermarket shelves if you are truly looking for pur

Wall Wine Rack - The Perfect Solution For Wine Storage

Extreme wine collectors will always be trying to find a dependable and secure system to preserve their treasured and oftentimes expensive bottles of wine. A wall mounted wine rack is an excellent alternative. It will be securely mounted on whatever wall in your abode, garage, cellar or restaurant.

How to Ferment Apples

Alcohol has been made for thousands of years in part by fermenting fruit, one of the most primitive alcohol-producing methods. Apples take less time to ferment than grapes or other fruits. Some people ferment apples to produce drinkable alcohol, while others may use the concoction for cooking or but

Canadian Icewine - The Perfect Companion For Wedding Toasts

It takes great patience, planning and dedication to make every wedding detail special and create a lasting impression. Deciding on ways to create an impact for "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" can personalize the occasion and maintain the "heart"

Look For Home Brew Supplies to Make Your Next Beer

It's a hot summer day and the sun is beating down mercilessly as you fan yourself while running home after an energetic walk across the park. You make a dash to the fridge, take out an ice cold beer and hold it against your face and feel the scorching heat recede...

What Are the Different Types of Bonuses?

Not all companies or positions provide the benefits of bonuses, but for those that do, a variety of bonuses are available. Many companies provide bonuses to employees for the work provided to the company over a certain period. Most bonuses are available to current employees; bonuses may also benefit

How to Store Short-Grain Brown Rice

While short-grain is a variety of brown rice that tends to stick together once cooked, all brown rice needs to be stored using the same techniques. Brown rice goes rancid quickly due to the oil located in the bran layer of the rice. Storing the short-grain brown rice in the refrigerator or freezer h

Cake Decorating: Choosing the Right Tools

If you are going to decorate a cake you are going to have to make sure that you have the right tools to do the job. Strictly speaking you can make do with items that most people have around the kitchen if you have to. However to get the best results you will want to have the proper equipment.

Haribo Sweets and My Arcade Memories

Some of our favourite fighting titles were Classic Street Fighter, Kung Fu Remix, Final Fight, and King of fighters. I don't believe Tekken and Soul Calibur were even conceptualised during those times. We would play our hearts out and challenge other players. Within the group, we would also bet

Lasagna: Freezing in an Aluminum Pan

Lasagna is one of those meals that everyone in the family enjoys, which is good because not only is it easy to make but it freezes well, so dinner is always ready at a moment's notice. Whether preparing and freezing prior to baking or sticking leftovers in the freezer for use at a later date, there

Tips on How You Can Do Weekly Menu Planning

Everybody is looking for ways to save money and cut expenses these days.One of the easiest places to cut back is on your monthly grocery budget.Weekly menu planning will allow you to budget and stick to a set amount that will be spent at the grocery store.

A Quick History of Brownies, a True American Invention

No, brownies were not invented, so far as we know, by a Bangor housewife in a kitchen in Maine. Despite its populist outreach, the humble brownie actually has aristocratic origins. The invention in the late ...

Brazilian Food With History - Acaraje of Bahia De Sao Salvador

The acaraje, the main attraction on any tray held by the streets vendors in Bahia (Brazil) is a small cake characteristic of the Candomble religion. The word acaraje is a very funny mistake.Its real name is "acara".When they say in Yoruba: "acara -je" it means: "I have acara

Flavour From the Tables of Kings

Natural vanilla flavouring is derived from real vanilla beans with little to no alcohol. The maximum amount of alcohol that is usually present is only 2€"3%. One tablespoon of vanilla extract is equivalent to one ...

Best Marinara Sauce

Now everyone has a homemade "secret sauce", right? Well, I'm going to share mine with you!After all, it's only nice to share. My husband absolutely loves my homemade sauce. I hope you will too!

How to Plan a Child's Birthday Party

When you are organizing your child's birthday party there are so many details that need to be taken into consideration that it can be overwhelming to know where to start. This article provides some top ...