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Do You Have Mismatched Feet?

Although it is less common that it was in the past, polio is certainly a difficult disease to overcome, and the complications it brings about can often have lifelong repercussions. Some of these can be more of a challenge than others, and some may amount to more of an inconvenience. As many polio su

Top 10 NBA Scorers in History (Part 1)

As the time has come for Shaq to call it quits, it is the ideal moment for us to review the players that have gone in history as the biggest scorers at the NBA

Looking For Muscle Building Ideas? Try These Ideas!

When you press weights properly and safely, it is usually lots of fun. You will love the workout you are getting, the results you are receiving, and the benefits you are reaping due to building muscle

North Evo - A Great Kite For Crossover

There are many kites, but the North Evo is among the best. In these North kites, you will find bridles and a delta shape, and they allow the person to enjoy free-ride kiteboarding that is ridden on 4/

Finest Aerobic Machines for Extra Weight Reduction

There are actually some individuals who visit a fitness center to work out on cardio devices because they absolutely adore the way that the exercise makes them feel. Yet, the large majority of individuals visit a fitness center to work out on cardio devices and these men and women wish to know which

Hot and Cold - Ancient But Useful Concept

The concept of Hot and Cold, although popular, is littered with confusion due to all kinds of rumors flying around. My purpose is to reduce this confusion by restoring some common sense and criteria into this concept to make it more useful.Why do we need such a concept?

Cat Bites - Dangers and Disease

Myth: You can't get a disease from a bite from your own cat. Fact: Anyone can get an infection from any cat bite. Cats carry a germ called Pasteurella multocida in their mouths, a bacterium that can cause severe infections in humans. Both humans and animals have a mouthful of germs, but normall

Tone Your Tummy and Slim Down Your Waist

Many people make the mistake of believing that focusing in on one muscle group will tone that area faster. The truth is the opposite. Doing this doesn't work at all, in fact it can backfire. ...

Best Place to Deliver a Knockout Punch

The knockout punch is the coup de grace of boxing. A fighter could be on the ropes for most of the fight yet in one instant can deal a blow that sends his opponent crumbling to the mat. Understanding a knockout punch means understanding the science and the physics behind this devastating blow.

How to Lift Breasts With Weights

As women age, their once firm breasts begin to sag. The ligaments that support the breasts stretch over time and contribute to the sagging. Some women resort to plastic surgery or breast implants to return to their more youthful appearance. A less drastic alternative is to engage in a regular exerci

Friday Fitness Tips - The Hidden Enemy

Sugar - The Real Enemy. I bet if you were to look to your left, or your right, or just step out into the general public right now, you would be able to find someone who is over weight! Try it, I dare you.

The Power of Positive Thinking

The Power of Positive Thinking What is it that has enabled modern day athletes, particularly those in the strength sports, to perform feats that would in years past have been considered impossible? Yes, some of ...

Quit The Habit Of Biting Nails

Don't worry too much if you have a habit of biting nails. A recent study indicates that there are more than 28 percentages of Americans who are biting their nails regularly.

Getting on your first horse

The sport of horse riding has become extremely popular in the UK and it is easy to see why. There are now believed to be over 4 million people involved in riding in Britain, some of them professionall