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Do You Have Mismatched Feet?

Although it is less common that it was in the past, polio is certainly a difficult disease to overcome, and the complications it brings about can often have lifelong repercussions. Some of these can be more of a challenge than others, and some may amount to more of an inconvenience. As many polio su

Want To Improve Your Gait? Get Down To Your Local MBT Shop

We may think of being unstable on our feet as a negative thing and an unwanted side effect of intoxication, but there is a very good reason why instability can be the very thing to improve your posture. If you don't believe me try visiting your local MBT shop to check out their range of shoes t

Trendy Diet and Fitness Tips to Get You Motivated

If your diet and fitness program needs a few zingers to keep you motivated check out these hot tips, just in time for summer! 1. Eat lighter and lighter throughout the day: Everyone knows that ...

The Seven Wonders of the Marathon World

Marathons now take place in over 69 countries on all seven continents throughout the year. If you have a passion for travel and running then why not combine the two? It provides you with the perfect e

How To Survive The Party Season?

We all love to party. But getting through it all can take its toll. Here we are giving you a few tips on partying right.

The Ideal Bicep Workout

Learn how implementing a few simple bicep workout tips can lead to massive gains n the size of your arms.

How To Quit the Caffeine Addiction

There are many many more negative effects caffeine has on the body: heightens cortisol levels, increases blood pressure, increases the chances of diabetes, creates anxiety, makes it difficult to sleep, zaps energy levels, and folks, it's addictive. I used to drink two cups of coffee in the morn

Unclog Your Colon - Simple Remedies For an Severe Constipation Or Impacted Colon

For some people having an impacted colon is uncomfortable, but more importantly, it is very unhealthy. There are several remedies available now for an impacted colon and physicians often prescribe these remedies, while some individuals can do colon cleansing without a physician.Some symptoms of havi

Underarm Exercises

Heredity, excess weight and lack of muscle tone can all be causes of loose skin and fat in the underarm area. Working this area requires cardiovascular exercise for fat reduction as well as a focused, healthy diet to encourage overall body fat loss. Targeted exercise will tone the muscles of the und

Home Workout Equipment - The Ab Circle Pro Review

Apart from reducing calories and harmonizing your waist. Ab circle pro combines the reimbursement of cardiovascular workout, which keeps your heart and lungs in good physical shape. You do not need to waste a lot of time in exercising. While doing few minutes you can see the melting of pounds.

Chronic Prostatitis and Autoimmunity

Chronic prostatitis can be categorized either as chronic bacterial or chronic pelvic pain syndrome, also known as pelvic myoneuropathy. Aside from these two types, prostatitis can also be classified as acute or asymptomatic inflammatory.

How to Lose Belly Fat and Build Muscle

Trying to get rid of belly fat and build muscle is not a walk in the park. You have to really put forth a genuine effort if you want to get the best results from ...

Calories an Elliptical Machine Burns Per Hour

An elliptical machine works the entire body when used properly. Besides providing cardiovascular benefits, this popular machine burns calories. Just how many depends on your weight and height, and exercise intensity and duration.

The Health Benefits of Green Coffee Beans Extract

The Benefits of Green Coffee Beans Extract seems to be absolutely amazing for your overall health as well as your weight loss plans. Green Coffee Beans can lower your blood sugar levels, lower your blood pressure, and help you lose weight.

Assessing The Insanity Workout

Habitual workouts are one of the best lifestyle improvements for any health-conscioius person to adopt. Of course, not all workouts are composed equally. We might be making a big error if we concluded that working ...