What to Know About the Diabetic Diet

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Options to Get Your Diabetes Medical Supply

If you have diabetes, you may be wondering what is the best way to get your medical supplies. Your options depend on your type or lack of insurance and personal preferences.

Can Alternative Medicine Help With Diabetes?

Diabetes has been around practically since the beginning of time. We haven't always had allopathic remedies such as insulin to treat it, either. What do you think our ancestors used for diabetes and pre-diabetes? That's right - herbs.

Diabetic Diet for People Who Don't Cook

Not everyone has the time or inclination to spend hours in the kitchen preparing food. If you are this sort of person, but have diabetes, understand that it is still possible to eat out most of the time and remain true to your diabetic dieting efforts---it will just take a bit more effort on your pa

Type 2 Diabetes

Find WebMD's comprehensive coverage of type 2 diabetes infection, including medical reference, news, pictures, videos, and more.

Personal Hygiene Tips for the Diabetic

This article contains a few small, every day tips which will make your life easier and may save you from serious problems along the way. Only you know your body so you are the only person who can determine when something is wrong or about to go wrong. A few minutes a day can save you a lot of pain i

Glucerna Snack Bar

It is a good idea for diabetics to keep a snack bar on them for emergency meal replacements and snacks. One brand marketed towards diabetics is the Glucerna line of snack and meal bars.

Type 2 Diabetes - Which Diagnostic Tests Help To Monitor Your Progress?

Your blood sugar level is the basic measure of your progress according to the American Medical Association. Checking your blood sugar regularly and making adjustments to your eating plan, and/or increasing your physical activity, is the best way to control both the symptoms and any possible complica

Type 2 Diabetes - Why A Diet Break Is A Must-Do!

So you've been dieting for two months now and are feeling great. Results are coming along, you're motivated, and finally you feel like you're getting somewhere in the game of lower and stable blood sugar levels, fat and body weight loss. At this point, it's time for a break.

How Increasing Muscle Mass Helps With Type 2 Diabetes

Increasing your physical activity and maintaining or increasing muscle mass has a lot to do with avoiding type 2 diabetes, managing it successfully and slowing it's progression. Muscle is the body's largest reservoir of tissue which requires glucose uptake from the blood.

Herbs for Diabetes

Many people with diabetes are turning to supplements and minerals to avoid the side effects of drugs. But at what risk?

Type 2 Diabetes - How To Choose The Best Yogurt for Diabetics

A recent study added the metabolic syndrome, which is associated with Type 2 diabetes, to the list of health problems dairy products may protect against. It has been found overweight people who consumed the most dairy products were approximately 70 percent less likely to develop the metabolic syndro

Learn How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes Type 2 is the most common type of diabetes today in America. At one time it was called adult onset diabetes, but there are so many young people that are developing Diabetes Type 2 that is no longer an adult disease. The young people due to their poor dietary habits and ultimate weight gain