What to Know About the Diabetic Diet

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Eating Healthy - Bringing Sugar Levels Down

Millions of people are afflicted with diabetes, and the number keeps on increasing. There can be many reasons for that, and not surprisingly, they seem to boil down to lifestyle changes.

Background on Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes!

When diabetes is diagnosed, more is needed than just the knowledge that blood sugar is abnormally high, which is the basic definition of diabetes. If you asked the average man on the street: 'What is diabetes?', the most common answer would be: 'A lack of insulin'. In fact, less

Weight Loss Without Losing The Fat

At a recent trip to the doctor, she suggests that you lose twenty-five pounds. On the doctor's scale you weighed in at 174 lbs., a little heavy for your five feet, seven inch frame. Not thrilled to hear this but totally expecting the recommendation, you figure, " OK, well, if I lose the tw

Low Blood Sugar

Low blood sugar, or hypoglycemia, causes fatigue, and in extreme cases, loss of consciousness. I'll never forget the day I learned that lesson. Fortunately, it wasn't from personal experience. In this incident in a hotel, waking down the hallway, when I chanced upon a young chambermaid was

New Types of Treatments For Type 2 Diabetes

Although several advances have been made on diabetes treatment, apparently, many patients have not made considerable changes in their treatments for the last 10 years. Somehow, there has been a lot of uniformity with drugs such as Metformin and the sulfonylureas (Diabenese Micronase, Amaryl Glynase,

Best and Worst Foods For Type 2 Diabetics!

The best and worst foods for type 2 diabetics cannot be strictly categorized. Each individual's body is different, as is the way they react to different foods. More important than excluding or including any one food is portion control.

Diabetic Rockstar Fights to Win

Christopher Thomas, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 27. Chris didn't let his diagnosis get in the way of his plans back then. He moved to New York City shortly after he was diagnosed and started the Diabetic Rockstar website. He also runs the "Fight It!" fundraising c

Diabetes Do Not Retard the Child's Achievements

Management of diabetes is matter of strain within the adults. Then, think about the condition of children who are affected by this perilous disease. Mostly, childhood is considered to be an age which we attain maximum health and fitness.

Affording Diabetes Supply

For those who are diabetic, getting the supplies you need can be a challenge. The goal is not only to find the necessary supplies needed, but also to get them for the lowest prices possible.

Diabetes Cure

There are so many products around today offering a diabetes cure. The real truth is that there is no such thing as a cure for diabetes. Although this article can give some relief to those who are showing signs of insulin intolerance.

Know Your Blood Glucose Levels

How can you know about your blood glucose levels? Glucose is a medical terminology for sugar. It is used as the chief source of energy for the human body.

What Foods Can a Person With Diabetes & Celiac Eat?

If you have diabetes and celiac disease, knowing what you can and can't eat is crucial. Fortunately, managing your diet doesn't require a master's degree in nutrition. For diabetics, understanding the glycemic index will enable you to choose foods that keep your blood sugar under control. For those

Diabetic Food List - Recommended Foods For Diabetics

Some people are of the notion that one has to drastically change his or her eating habits, including going for bland and tasteless foods in this case, but that shouldn't be that way at all. Yes, you may have to limit some sweet treats but you can still make wise food choices and make every meal

Children With Type 1 Diabetes - Facts and Symptoms

A little 8 year old girl my family knows is in a hospital coming in and out of diabetic coma after seizure and being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes little too late. This little girl is also allergic to insulin which causes a great deal of distress and problems since her high blood glucose is extreme

Can Current Diabetic Research Replace the Edmonton Protocol

Sertoli cells may hold the key to the successful reversal of Type 1 diabetes. Xenotransplants of islet cells from pig pancreas could reverse diabetes without the side effects of immune-suppressing drugs, in conjunction with Sertoli cells. Can the Edmonton Protocol be replaced?

Type 2 Diabetes - Caring for a Sick Diabetic

Having Type 2 diabetes presents its own set of daily challenges to be dealt with. But what makes life more difficult is when a diabetic becomes ill... diabetes complicates your care. Now your body, which is already jeopardized by Type 2 diabetes, is being further compromised.

Diabetes Mellitus - Easy Methods to Conquer

Know for sure that once diabetes has taken hold of your body, it has fallen in love with it. The natural corollary is that diabetes won't leave your body!