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Switching To Electric Razors

Gone are the days when you had to live with the cut and bruised skin. No cuts, no irritations at all, thanks to electric shaver, shaving hasn't ever been simple for men who shaved to satisfy their wrongly nurtured & cultured ideas of manliness. Shaving you

How to Build a Framed Earring Holder

Like most girls, you've probably lost a pair of earrings a time or two. There's not really a great place to put your earrings without them being easily lost. If you put them in a jewelry box, they get tangled up with all your other jewelry. If you put them in your purse, chances are, you'll lose

Home Treatments for Razor Bumps

Razor bumps can be a persistent, painful and unsightly problem. They can occur in men or women and often result when coarse, tightly curled hair on the face or pubic areas is shaved. Razor bumps are actually inflamed and infected ingrown hairs that are best treated by preventing them from occurring

Braiding a Belt

Braided belts come in all varieties, ranging from the cowboy-esque to the hippie. You can make such a belt out of almost any material, but yarn is one of the easiest for a beginner to work with. The traditional belt braid has seven strands which are progressively brought to the center and cycled out

Evan Rachel Wood - Purple Accessories

As the celebrities hit the red carpet for the 15th Annual SAG Awards, Evan Rachel Wood added a blast of color to her look with purple accessories.

How to Form a Wool Cowboy Hat

A wool cowboy hat is made out of felt and designed to hold up over time. However, if something happens and your hat loses the shape you like, or you just want to make a couple of tweaks to your wool hat, it can be done with a little bit of patience. Form your wool hat to your head as comfortably as

Different Styles of Athletic Supporters

Protect yourself with the right athletic supporter.Football image by Richard McGuirk from Fotolia.comPhysicians from the National Institutes for Health recommend that all men wear athletic supporters during contact sports in order to avoid testicle injuries. But young athletes are not...

How to Grow Your Own Nails

How I grew healthy beautiful nails! Nails that you grow naturally. Tips and tricks on strengthening and quitting your nail biting. Very easy and simple way to grow your own nails.

How to Stone Wash Jeans at Home

Regular jeans are relatively stiff and tight when new. While many like that fresh "just from the store look," others prefer wearing jeans that are softer, with a worn and faded appearance. Purchasing ''stone-washed'' jeans is quite expensive. Creating ''stone-washed'' jeans at home, is relatively

Lauren Hutton

Photo gallery of Red Dress Collection from Fashion Week, including pictures of Laura Bush, Kelly Ripa, Angela Bassett and many more celebrities.

How to Make Your Own Bath Bomb

There's nothing like a hot tub to soak away the stresses of the day or to pamper your self before that all-essential date. Most bathtub connoisseurs go the additional step to add bath salts or bubbles to their ritual. Sadly, a great deal of bathtub products contain some rather suspect substance

How to Look Younger at 30

Reaching 30 is never a pleasant year for some people. Not only does it act as a reminder of getting older and getting closer to middle ages, but the body starts to look older. Sleepless nights show more readily in puffy eyes and wrinkles start to show up around the eyes. There are some ways to look

How to Remove Crazy Glue Off of Enamel

Crazy glue is a type of glue that can be used for a variety of tasks, including creating enamel objects. Once crazy glue gets onto a surface, it can be very hard to remove. Acetone can gradually wear off this type of glue when used correctly.

White Knee High Boots

If you're looking for sexy boots, try a pair of these white knee high boots from Jessica Simpson on for size.

Home Beauty Tips for My Problem Legs

Flaunt your beautifully tanned legs with a few simple steps.legs image by Leticia Wilson from Fotolia.comWith fashions calling for bare legs and short skirts, flaws that once might have gone unnoticed under pantyhose are glaringly obvious. But you don't need to run to the plastic surgeon...