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How to Care for Aging Skin

You can't stop the birthdays, but you can fight the wrinkles and age spots that accompany them. Follow these steps to keep your skin looking as young as you feel.

How to Get Liquid Chalk Stains Out of Clothing

Liquid chalk can be very useful as a teaching tool and for crafts, but it can stain quickly if you get it on your clothes. If your kids come home from school with liquid chalk stains on their brand new clothes, you must act quickly to prevent the stain from becoming permanent. Taking the right steps

How to Wear Your Hair to a Semi-Formal Dance

Semi-formal dances provide a great excuse to dress up and try a fun and fancy hairstyle. These hints will help you make sure heads turn (in a good way) while every strand stays in place all night long, so you can spend your night on the dance floor, not in front of a mirror.

The Best Time to Shop for Clothes

Buying new clothes can make your wallet take a major hit, but if you know when to shop, you'll be able to save money just by heading to the mall on a certain date. Depending on the season, you can get trendy clothes for up to 60 percent off of the regular price by biding your time and shopping smart

What Happens to Your Hair When You Bleach it?

Luscious blond locks certainly are a trend, but many do not consider the ramifications of choosing the wrong color or even permanently harming the hair shaft with the use of bleach. Bleach bombshell or not, be aware of your boundaries before using such strong chemicals.


Brand Profile for Supra. Sneakers.

The Best Skin Care in Urdu

What is the best skin care product for your skin? The market for health and beauty is flooded with products that all claim to be the best skin care products available. Common sense tells us that each

4 Things To Help You Grow Taller Naturally

In this article I am going to show you four things that you can do during the day to grow taller naturally. Following these four rules can greatly enhance your chances of increasing your height, so it's well worth looking into them.

How to Make an Invisible Hairline With Sew-In Hair

Hair extensions are a marvel of modern technology that allow women to change the length, quality, color and thickness of their hair at an increasingly affordable price. Hair extensions come in "wefts" of both synthetic and human hair that can be sewed or glued into the hairline. Sew-in hai

Choosing A Hair Design-Then Consider These Factors!

Any hairstyle or hair design should be carefully considered before you rush into going for it. Why? Because your hair is one of the first things people see and also because it can take months to grow back in the case or a bad hair cut or it could take a lot of time and money trying to repair your ha

Na'vi Costume

Na'vi Costume. Na'vi Costume from the movie Avatar as seen at MARCon 2010.

How to Make a Coin Purse Applique With Felt

Creating a felt appliqué can personalize a coin purse for any person or occasion, whether it is adding apples and rulers to a coin purse for a teacher, adding initials to lace coin purses to give as bridesmaid gifts or adding a team or group logo to coin purses for a fundraiser or group craft p

Vitamins for Healthy & Clearer Skin

Vitamins are essential for maintaining clear, healthy skin. The overall condition of your skin can reflect your body's nutritional needs. A deficiency of a particular vitamin may cause certain skin disorders such as slow healing from wounds, acne scarring, mottled complexion, premature...

Skin Care Tips for Nurses

The skin is the first line of defense from disease.hands in hands against sky, friendship concept image by JoLin from Fotolia.comKeeping hands clean in a hospital setting ensures the safety of the patient and the caregiver by cleansing the area of bacteria and viruses. Nurses need to wash...

How to Treat Relaxed Hair With a Natural Product

Chemical treatments are often applied to curly hair to straighten or "relax" the curls. Because of the chemicals used, one of the side effects of the treatment is dry, frizzy hair. To keep the frizz away, your hair must be moisturized daily. There are countless products on the market meant to add mo

How Chocolate Pearls Are Made

IntroductionAccording to the Gemology Institute of America (GIA), mysterious chocolate pearls are actually black Tahitian pearls, which have been treated to alter their appearance. Researchers at the Institute tested a large sample of chocolate pearls and determined that their...