Airbrush Makeup - The World"s Best Concealer?

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How to Use Home Remedies to Lighten Hair

If you want to lighten your hair but don't want to go to a salon or use harsh chemicals, do it yourself using a natural method. Proceed carefully, as some home remedies can be drying to your hair and some produce dramatic effects that may not be what you had in mind. Choose a method suited to the co

How to Apply Mineral Makeups

For years, women have had to use a thick liquid foundation that almost feels like a mask. Now liquid foundation is on its way to becoming history. Mineral makeup powder is easier and feels light and airy on the face, and it doesn't contain any of those pore-clogging oils. Using this powder is a bree

What is the Difference Between a Diamond & a Diamond Solitaire?

Diamonds are the most precious and desired of all gemstones. When cut and faceted, they have an ability to reflect light to a mesmerizing degree, and they capture both attention and hearts with their characteristic shimmer. Symbolic of romance, love, commitment and luxury, they figure prominently in

How to Make Ribbon Shoe Laces

Whether your pre-teen wants a little flair on her feet or your preschooler needs some incentive to learn to tie her own shoes, ribbon shoe laces are a great solution. A brightly colored ribbon shoe lace turns a plain white pair of tennis shoes into a fun fashion statement. They are easy and inexpens

How to Make Recycled Soda Can Necklaces

When your family drinks a lot of soda from aluminum cans, the cans are normally thrown into the trash can or recycling bin. However, you can use soda-can tabs to create whimsical jewelry. String together decorated soda-can tabs into a colorful necklace -- you're doing something good for the environm

Can You Be Too Old to Learn How to Tattoo

Are you ever too old to learn how to tattoo? Is it possible to reach a certain age where you just have to accept that you have missed your boat and you are too old to venture into learning how to tattoo?

How to Do Scar Makeup

Whether you want to be scary or gruesome at Halloween or choose to add a scar for another reason, any good horror costume needs a fake scar. This unsightly prop can be placed anywhere on the body that you want to look gory by using a few things you have at home and in your makeup case. You will be t

How to Find Hair Styles For Curly Hair - Unveiling the Secrets

The truth is, curls can be played with to create styles for every occasion. I can understand that we often stick with a look that is most easy to maintain and that looks alright, but perhaps we would all benefit from trying out a new style occasionally. You might even come across something that acce

Gillette Venus Divine Razor

Gillette Venus Divine Razor has triple blades and conditioning strips. Read the review and if you've tried it, add your rating.

How to Wear Leopard Effortlessly

Plus size article on how to wear leopard effortlessly as a plus size woman. Tips include on how to wear leopard with other colors and mixing prints.

Hair Extension Methods

Growing your hair can take a long time. Therefore, hair extensions are a wonderful way to have the appearance of thicker, fuller, longer hair. Hair extensions are a fun way to change your usual look and have a temporary change. Many different types of hair extension methods exist, but choosing the r

How to Make Nail Polish Dry Faster

Learn how to make nail polish dry faster for the quickest manicure ever. A celebrity manicurist reveals her secrets to a smudge-free mani.

How to Use a Beader on Your Hair

Beading your hair is a colorful way of adding a little fashion to your hair style. Regardless of whether you’re wearing braids or letting your hair fall free, beads can transform your hair into an elegant statement. Applying beads to hair is fairly simple, though tedious, if you are just using

How to Keep Gorgeous Hair

Haircare is not always as simple as you may want it to be. Being in the sun or frequently using a curling iron can cause damage; when the hair is damaged, it can become dry, brittle, and tangled. It is important to know how to keep gorgeous hair, because it will help your hair to remain healthy. Ta

Nail Spa In VernonHow Can Nails Speak Your Personality

An hour pampering you at the salon is not a difficult job, but the selection of the same is definitely a difficult job. This article will help you in this matter and will ensure that your find the nail spa in Vernon.

Video: How to Do Your Hair Like Sarah Hyland

Video Transcript Hi, I'm T. Cooper. I'm a New York City Makeup Artist/Hairstylist and Co-Founder or beauty and grooming company, Metro Look. Today, we're going to talk about how to do hair like Sarah Hyland. I love here 'cause she does a lot of really cool updos. I've already started...

What to Bring for Senior Photos?

Your senior photos capture you at the height of your youth, just as you leave school for the challenge of college or the professional world. You want to capture who you really are in each picture to keep as a memento of your idealism. You may only get one chance at your photo shoot, so come prepared