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Homemade Tanning Lotions

Many sunbathers liberally use tanning lotion when outdoors. Not only does the lotion moisturize their skin and keep it looking smooth and healthy, it can also amplify the tanning process by including ingredients that increase the production of the skin pigment, melanin. Suntan lotions and oils do no

Be Natural, Beautiful and Healthy

Beauty products inspire us to think we can find a magical solution in bottle. The reality is, what we are really finding is chemicals and toxins which often hurt our health and our appearance. There is a way to have a natural glow, along with a beautiful and healthy body.

Hair Dye Henna Style - The Do's and Don'ts

Even though henna is used primarily as a hair dye colouring, it has some great beneficial 'side effects', including strengthening and thickening of the hair while giving it great sheen and lustre. You have to bear in mind though that the beneficial type of henna is of the pure variety but

Outside High Voltage Tattoo

Picture tour of my visit to High Voltage Tattoo, home of the TV show LA Ink and artist Kat Von D.

Must-have range of women's perfumes

This article would enlighten you with top selling, must-have fragrances. You can go through this article, read about various brands, and finalize your next pick.

How To Use Melanotan Tanning Injection?

we will tell you how to inject melanotan by yourself so you can get the gorgeous tan look and save yourself from the sun"s harmful rays and future chances of skin cancer. The hormones in the human body causes melangenesis to take place - a process by which pigment cells in the skin produce mela

Tools for Good Skin Care

Good skin requires patience, commitment and consistency.healthy skin image by Leticia Wilson from Fotolia.comIt is true that good skin is indicative of good health. Poor diet and illness are often reflected in ailments of the skin, such as acne and rashes. Yet healthy skin is easily...

Current Developments Within The Cosmetic Industry

You can expect a growth of up to $9.9 billion dollars by the season 2016 in the use and need of cosmetic products. Put simply, you can expect an increase of fifty each year till 2016.

Great African Hairstyles for Kids

African styles are great for kids because they are easy to create and maintain regardless of hair texture. Most African hair styles are unisex and are made from braids and twists, and gender differences are emphasized by variations in length, width, and adornment. The primary skills needed to create

How to Use Loose Pigments

Loose pigments can be a challenge to use. Here are a few tips to help you make your eyes beautiful with these amazing colors.

Organic Cosmetics:Afterglow And Other Organic Cosmetics Companies

The health and beauty industry is constantly growing each year with lines of cosmetics and body products being sold in today"s world market.This is because women from all over the world use cosmetics in order to bring out the beauty and color of their appearances and many cosmetic companies tak

Where to Purchase Acrylic Nail Supplies for a Salon

With the popularity of acrylic nail enhancements, it's no wonder salons are always running low on nail supplies. But keeping the things you need to operate your salon efficiently is vital to the maint

How to Shave With Liquid Glycerin

Liquid glycerin is used in many soaps, lotions and shaving creams because it is warms the skin and is an effective moisturizing agent. For that reason, shaving with a liquid glycerin shaving cream ensures a smooth, comfortable shave. Straight liquid glycerin cannot be used to shave because it is too

The Power and Magic of Perfume

There is nothing more indulgent, fabulous or magical than a dab of fine perfume on the wrist and neck. All the women who adore their favorite scents can relate to the remarkable feeling that we all get from the fragrance of our favorite perfume. What is about perfume that is so magical?

How to Upgrade From a 20-Minute Tanning Bed to a 15-Minute Bed

While you have a decent tan, you've been craving something darker. Unfortunately, you do not want to spend any more time tanning than you currently do. There is an easy solution for your problem. Most tanning salons offer different levels of tanning. You can upgrade from a 20-minute bed to a 15-minu

Oxygen and Natural Beauty Through Oxygen Cosmetics

Nature has everything you need for a full and active life. We only need to take notice of it. In fact, we are surrounded by the pure energy of oxygen! For those that live near the seaside and way from big cities, you are in luck, your health and skin is 100% better than most. For those that don&apos