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How to Create Your Own Nike Air Force Ones

Air Force 1s have been one of Nike's most popular sneakers for the past 27 years. They come in many different styles and colors. While there are many other Nike styles available for customization at, the Air Force 1 can only be designed at one of Nike's design stores in New York City.

How to Fix a T Series Automatic Timex Watch

Watches are high-precision instruments. The Timex T-Series automatic watch is a stainless steel chronograph with a stopwatch feature and is waterproof to 100 meters. Timex advises that attempting any repairs yourself will void the warranty as special pieces will be required, which they do not issue

Do I Need a Business Degree for Fashion Clothing Line?

Combining any major with a business degree can increase the opportunities you have to be successful in your chosen field. Fashion designers interested in starting their own clothing line greatly benefit from the business acumen and marketing skills that come with a business degree. Finding financial

DIY Full Size Headboard for a Girl

A customized, padded headboard adds a luxurious element to any girl's room and provides a comfortable surface to lean on when sitting up in bed. The plywood base can be cut into a pattern and then covered and accessorized to fit just about any design aesthetic. Choose a fabric that coordinates with

The Best Way to Remove Permanent Marker From the Skin

Permanent markers contain dyes or pigments to give the ink color and a combination of ingredients to keep the ink from fading. These markers are water resistant and adhere to most surfaces including skin. It is common to accidentally get ink on your skin while using permanent markers. These marks wi

How to Put Castor Oil on a Curling Iron Before Using It

Castor oil has many benefits for your hair, including hair growth and shine. One of the great things about castor oil is that it is natural and can protect your hair from the damage of heat styling products including curling irons. Putting castor oil on your hair before you use a curling iron will h

Facts About Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers are becoming one of the most common types of plastic surgery performed on women today. With everyone wanting to appear younger and with more youthful skin. With dermal fillers, this is

Laser Hair Removal - At Least There's One Thing Men and Women Can Agree on!

Beauty is no longer considered a 'woman thing'. More men than ever are visiting salons for treatments and stocking up their bathroom cabinet with creams, potions and lotions to cover everything from healthy shiny hair, neat and tidy nails, moisturisers and anti ageing products to hair remo

How to Get Ink Off of Leather Shoe

Sneakers, dress shoes and women's pumps are all commonly made of leather because of its durability and flexible nature. Ink stains pose a significant problem for those who want their leather shoes to be clean and fresh looking at all times.

Clay Short Sleeved Zip-Front Knit

The Z Zegna spring 2009 collection doesn't disappoint, as I would have expected. The color palette is soft and easy on the eyes with pinks, blues and clay tones. The silhouettes are clean and have a historic look to them but are modernized by using current fabric technology and interesting prin

Easy Way to Tie Shoes

Teach someone how to tie their shoes the right way with a simple bow knot. Ian's Shoelace Site claims the bow knot is the most common and easiest knot to learn when tying a shoe. Knowing how to tie your laces correctly will keep them in a tied position throughout the day, which may prevent unnecessa

Uk Source For Perfume gives the UK with a large range of appeal gadgets consisting of bags and situations, makeup, cosmetics, perfume and fragrance and anti maturing skin treatment from world reknown brand names such as Gucci, Paco Rabanne, Mont Blanc, and a lot more Dolce & Gabbana

Best Fake Tan Products - Get Fake Tan Spray Today

Why choose a fake tan spray? Because fake tan spray products are known for their even coverage and lack of streaking if they are applied correctly. They also dry faster once applied to the top layer of your skin, which cuts down on time and gives you an all over, natural looking tan.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bug Scars and Marks

Bedbug bites can leave serious damage on the skin. While most bites shouldn't leave permanent marks, they can scar if you pick, scratch or irritate the bites. Thankfully, there are ways to treat bedbug scars and marks. From topical remedies to more intensive treatments, you have a variety of options

Finding Hair and Makeup For Teens

Styling one's hair and makeup application are daily rituals that women learn early in their life. However, if one does not get the right guidance in this delicate area, then they can be left out of inner circles during the impressionable teenage years. Looks are everything when one is a teen, a

How to Use a Scrunchy

Scrunchies, which are fabric-covered or synthetic hair-covered rubber bands, became popular during the 1980s. They met an active woman's need for a casual way to secure her hair without damaging it in the process. Like all fads, the scrunchy phased out slowly during the mid-1990s, replaced by hair c

Mineral Makeup: Every Woman's First Choice

'Going Green' is not a phenomenon reserved for the tree-huggers only. It is now spreading in all aspects of society. Women these days are increasingly aware of the benefits of using natural Mineral Ma