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Food Allergies

Learning to shop for the allergy free foods will take a little practice. Know the food allergy diet to stay safe.

Pollution Down, but Health Risks Persist

Several recent studies link air pollution to all kinds of medical conditions, from autism to obesity. Some experts say those might be just the tip of the iceberg.

Allergies to Baby's Breath Flowers

Gypsophila paniculata is the scientific name for baby's breath, which is also known as bachelor's button, perennial or tall baby's breath and maiden's breath. The small bunches of flowers are often found in garden and florist crops. While baby's breath is often recommended as a wedding flower, a sma

Cockroach Allergies - An Allergen on the Rise

One allergen is causing more and more asthma related hospitalizations among children than any other.Because of the increasing number of families being raised in urban settings and the additional hours children spend playing inside, the occurance of cockroach allergies has become more common.This all


Find WebMD's comprehensive coverage of nebulizers including medical reference, news, pictures, videos, and more.

Secrets Behind the Treatment of Rashes

Rashes are usually not very severe, to the extent of consulting a doctor. It is principally provoked by allergic reaction and even, due to some ingredients used in the cosmetics or food. Likewise, other factors that trigger it can include the weather, sweat, or fabrics that come into contact with an

Common Allergy Symptoms in Your Child

Allergies developed by adults may be tough to diagnose, but even more complex to diagnose are children's allergies as some common symptoms can be similar to other ailments. What becomes even harder is that children are oftentimes less capable of describing their symptoms, which leaves most pare

Pollen Allergies

Find WebMD's comprehensive coverage of pollen allergies, including medical reference, news, pictures, videos, and more.

Environmental Illness

Environmental illness can occur a person is exposed to various toxins in the environment that makes them sick. These toxins and health hazards can be found all around you at home, at work, in your car or where you play.

Dust Mite Allergy

Several people get allergic by dust mites and it is troublesome to patients. Bugs are so small and impossible to see with normal eyes. There are so many reasons to this type of allergy. This type of allergy is not appearing when the dust mites appear at first, but the mechanism of human body is stro

Stress Can Lead To Wheezing

Stress is around us everyday. If we do not develop positive coping techniques it may get the better of us and our asthma.

Using Asthma Inhalers to Breathe a Little Easier

Asthma inhalers are used to deliver a variety of asthma medications that assist with long-term control and others that provide quick relief of symptoms. They are a true life saving innovation.

Aspirin-Induced Asthma May Be Treatable

'An aspirin a day' to prevent heart attacks and stroke is good medicine for most people with heart disease -- except for those who also have problems with aspirin. In those cases, the 'cure' comes encumbered with a package: hives, a runny nose, stomach problems, or even asthma ...

Himalayan Crystal Salt and Speleotherapy

Himalayan crystal salt Speleo therapy and halo therapy are the natural alternative health treatment and therapeutic measures used to cure respiratory ailments. Both these salt therapies are identical and serve almost the same purposes though, but have some strategic differences as regards to impleme

Asthma in Teens and Adults-Other Treatment

Allergy shots (immunotherapy) are used for people who have asthma symptoms when they are around substances to which they are allergic (allergens). Allergy shots have been shown to reduce asthma symptoms and the need for medications in some people.17 For more information, see:Should I take allergy sh