How to Treat Asthma With A Better Diet

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Money Allergy

Believe it or not, people can actually be allergic to money. Money allergy can be due to various causes, including nickel contained in coins, ink used to print paper money, and even irritant effects from counting too much paper money. Find out more about this unusual form of allergy.

Almond Allergy - What Causes It?

What causes almond allergies, and why do these exact things cause almond allergies? How to you avoid getting this allergy? Read this and be enlightened already today!

How a Neti Pot Helps With Allergies

When you've finally suffered enough, maybe you will take the leap and try a neti pot. They are a little weird, and a little uncomfortable, but this is one allergy remedy that actually works.

Signs & Symptoms of an Allergy to Orange Trees in Bloom

Many people experience allergies to foods, bee stings and fragrances, but pollens create some of the most common reactions. According to WebMD, 10 percent of Americans suffer from a pollen allergy. Flowers, plants and trees spread pollen during fertilization, and inhaling the pollen can cause allerg

Cough-Variant Asthma

Cough-variant asthma is a type of asthma in which the main symptom is a dry, non-productive cough. Find out more from WebMD.

Antihistamines for Nasal Allergies

Antihistamines are the most common medications used to treat allergic rhinitis. Find out which antihistamines work the best to treat hay fever, and which ones have the least amount of sedation.

What Is a Chronic Asthma?

Chronic asthma is asthma where the condition has already worsened to the point that it affects an individual's way of life. During this point, the person who suffers from chronic asthma may need to be hospitalized or requires special medical attention. Generally, asthma affects the air ways tha

The Negative Effects of Ionizers

Ionizers employ negatively or positively charged ions to take dust and odor out of the air. The charged ions attach themselves to particles in the air, which then causes them to return to the ionizer or stick to other surfaces. The capabilities of ionizers are often overstated; and, in fact, the dev

Krill Oil Benefits : Krill Oil Dangers Or Side Effects

Learn about the krill oil benefits and Side effects here. Krill oil found from a species of krill Euphausia superb. Krill are shrimp like crustaceans that are approximately 1 to 6 centimeters long. Kr

The Elimination Diet For Allergies

When you suddenly feel ill and start having allergic reactions, the chances are its something you've eaten, so how do you determine which of the foods you've eaten you are allergic to? The answer is simple.

Asthma Attack - What to Do When it Comes

An asthma attack can be severe and it can happen when you least expect it. For people who are caring for children or older folks, knowing what to do in case of an asthma attack, especially at night is of utmost importance. Although majority of asthma flare-ups are mild, there are also some attacks t

Allergy Basics - What Is an Allergy?

The human body has a complex immune system which helps it to fight infection. When infection attacks the body the immune system is triggered to produce antibodies. These antibodies have an individual 'key' to fit each individual infection.

Asthma And The Road to Recovery

Have you driven down a road that you thought would never end? Were there obstacles in your way that hindered you from getting to where it was you wanted to go? That's how it is to suffer from asthma. It's a road that seems to go on forever and ever.

Fast Home Asthma Treatments

Millions of people worldwide suffer from various degrees and types of asthma. For some, the condition triggers a mild struggle-for-breath sensation, while for others breathing seems completely impossible and an attack can lead to hospitalization or even death. Whether one is inflicted with the milde

Genetics of Food Allergy and Intolerance

Your genetics may explain if you are allergic to some pollens or foods. HLA DQ and DR genes have been associated with risk of pollen, dust, and latex associated food allergy or intolerance. Intriguing information about the DQ genetics associated with the oral allergy syndrome or the link between pol