Smoking - Something You Don"t Need in Your Life

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E-cigs smokers in Australia briefed about accident

While there are many companies in Australia that are making and selling electronic cigarettes, the incident has shocked users and led them to question whether e cigarettes are safe. Fortunately, peopl

Why Go For Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

In this day and age, our health is an important factor that we need to keep a check on. Tobacco cigarette smoking is one of the most devastating causes of cancer related deaths and also has a lot of side effects on the general well being of a smoker. Therefore, there is need to find a working soluti

Cigarette Smoking May Cause Male Impotence

Smoking causes impotence, infertility and many other long-term, sexually related problems. Find out why smoking is bad, what smoking does to you and how it becomes a negative aspect in your sex life. The facts about cigarette smoking below may startle you and reinforce your decision to quit smoking.

Quitting Smoking Through Willpower

Why is it that some people can just put down cigarettes and others struggle with it? Do these people have more willpower? Are they super human? No, it has to do with the level of addiction. For most smokers, willpower, alone, is not enough to keep them from lighting up again. Before you go out and b

9 Out of 10 Poisoning Deaths in US Caused by Drugs

The leading cause of poisoning deaths in the USA are caused by drugs. There are more drug deaths in the United States than car accidents. Find out why and what can be done to stop this devastating problem.

Prescription Drug Addiction Statistics- Drug Abuse Hits Home

The big drug addiction problem facing America, according to drug addiction statistics, lies not in the crack houses and shooting galleries of the inner cities, but in the doctors offices to which millions of Americans go in search of relief for their physical and emotional pain.

Information on Smoking

If you are already a smoker or you are considering taking up smoking please read the following article. I hope this article helps.

The Latest Facts About Drug Abuse

One of the serious evils of our age is Drug addiction. It is a problem that is affecting thousands of our young people, mainly because they are not aware of the dangers. What do we mean by the term, drug addiction? Actually, it is a state of intoxication resulting from the habitual use of some drugs

New Year Resolutions 2011 – Quit Smoking

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to instill good habits and get rid of bad ones. Millions of people the world over make New Year resolutions and the year 2011 is not any different. A lo

Smoking - Something You Don't Need in Your Life

Do you want to kick the nasty habit of smoking? Well you definitely should because smoking is definitely one of the fiercest killers out there. Governments world wide are starting to realize that the cost of smoking for the public health system are humongous and they are trying to impose stricter an