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How to Quit Alcohol Today

While several folks desire to know about how to quit alcohol, not many of them are able to quit or overcome the difficulty. They tried quitting but still find it challenging bidding the bottles of alcohol farewell. This piece of writing is written for folks like you who are struggling with this prob

Prescription Drug Abuse Is A Deadly Addiction

Medicines that we use to cure diseases can sometimes become a cause of drug addiction. Pill addiction or prescription drug abuse is what these addictionsare called. It has been with us ever since doctors have started prescribing medicines by writing it on a piece of paper and has now become more wid

June 10

Recovery Thought of the Day for June 10.

Maryland Drunk Driving Law

Here are highlights from Maryland law on driving while under the influence (MD Transp. Code section 21-902).

What Are The Long Term Effects Of Smoking?

Smoking is so entrenched in today's world that most people just accept the toll it takes on society as normal, and that's a shame. It seems to be the case that if you do something to ruin a persons health slowly, then that's much more acceptable than if you do something that's ba

I Need to Quit Drinking - Alcohol is Ruining My Life

I am a recovering Alcoholic and have not taken or wanted to take a drink for many years. After numerous failed attempts to stop drinking I found recovery and today I live a happy and contented life. In this article I explain how I came to a point in my life where I knew I had to quit drinking and so

Does Weed Stop You From Dreaming?

Regular smokers of marijuana often report that they remember no dreams while sleeping, and those coming off the drug admit to a virtual flood of dreams in their nightly sleep, but is there any scienti

For the Best Way to Quit Smoking, This Works Like Magic

You should used everything you've got and then some to quit smoking. There are a ton of tools to use from the quit smoking patch to chewing gum to well quit smoking pills. Take a look inside to discover the best way to quit smoking yet...

Facts You Should Know About Drug Addiction

Nowadays people who are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction also suffers from some kind of mental disorder. If someone is dealing with such problems then getting treatment in a good dual diagnosis rehab center will be quite helpful.