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Pennsylvania Employment Laws

Employment-at-will is difficult to overcome in Pennsylvania courts.Spire image by Kaushik Raha from Fotolia.comLaws regulating Pennsylvania employment range from the state's labor laws to provisions contained in the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act). Employers who violate the...

Missouri Law on Last Wills

A will determines how a person's estate will be divided after his death. In Missouri, a will is a valid legal document that can be entered for probate only if the law's requirements are met.

Florida Divorce Gift Laws

Florida law recognizes mosts gifts as separate, non-marital image by Maria Brzostowska from Fotolia.comSince Florida is an equitable distribution state, all marital property is divided between the spouses based on what is fair at divorce, rather than an equal...

Arizona Legalizes Conceal and Carry

This summer, Arizona will become the first state with a large urban population where people are allowed to carry concealed weapons without a permit. If you are facing charges for weapon use, contact a

Virginia Law on an Employee's Right to Inspect Personnel Files

Under Virginia law, employees have the right to review all information in their personnel files, although there are two exceptions, which can sometimes come into play. The exceptions involve medical records and letters of recommendation,

K1 Visa - Fiancée Visa Processing

K1 Visa - fiancée visa processing is complex and lengthy and the time taken to complete it varies depending on several factors. K1 visa - fiancée visa processing involves a series of strict guidelines

DUI Schools Near El Cajon, California

Drivers arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) are often required to take courses at a licensed DUI school before regaining driving privileges. These courses teach about driving safety as well as alcohol and drug awareness. There are four DUI schools in the vicinity of El Cajon, a suburb of

Approaching a Barrister Directly

Since the year 2004, it is possible for a client to approach a barrister without having the need to meet a solicitor first. Accessing the services of a barrister directly saves both time and money ...

OSHA's Required Training for Supervisors

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) is a federal agency tasked with ensuring that workplaces in the United States are kept safe. OSHA regulations are broad ranging and include the mandating of certain training for supervisors.

Minitruck Laws in Indiana

In Indiana, minitrucks are regulated by the same laws that govern off-road technics image by Dmitry Nikolaev from Fotolia.comMinitrucks, small vehicles intended for use on farms, construction sites, and in industrial applications, are classified as off-road vehicles...

Massachusetts Studded Snow Tire Laws

Studded tires provide extra traction on snowy roads, but Massachusetts restricts their use.snowy road image by samantha grandy from Fotolia.comStudded tires provide extra traction on snowy or icy roads, but Massachusetts restricts use of metal-studded tires on its roads in the spring,...

Social Security Law & Substance Abuse

According to the Social Security Administration, when you apply for Social Security Disability benefits and have medical evidence that you suffer from alcoholism or drug addiction, the Social Security Administration must make a determination as to whether or not the abuse issue is a contributing fac

The Services Of A Workers Comp Attorney Charlotte

Workers Comp Attorney Charlotte has an important role in the life of the workers. In every country there are the work fields in which people face the risk of getting injure or loss of some ...

Interacting With Sexual Harassment Over the Phone

Sexual harassment over the cellphone has lengthy been the concentrate factor of humor about the so-called "heavy breather". The truth of it though is no scam at all for the sufferer or affected people. Often ...

Before You File a Complaint For Sexual Harassment

When it is about sexual harassment, you must know what your rights are and how to go for getting them. According to the Civil Rights Act, sexual harassment is a kind of sex discrimination. It ...

After-Hours Law in California

Although there is no state curfew in California, local cities and counties may have their own curfew for minors. State law regulates how authorities enforce local curfew laws.