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Statute of Limitations for a Trustee

The statute of limitations does not apply to the removal of trustees or limit a court's discretion to remove them. Suits may therefore be brought to remove trustees suspected of improper conduct, regardless of how long ago it happened.

Michigan Legislature Labor Laws

Michigan labor law protects employees and employers.michigan map image by Vladislav Gajic from Fotolia.comEmployers and employees are generally free to reach agreements regarding employment. But Michigan law sets some specific limits on how employers can treat their workers. Employers...

What Rights Do Fathers Get Within Child Custody Law?

For any couple with kids going through divorce one of the biggest challenges or issues to sort out is the custody of the child or children involved. There are laws in place under child custody ...

Why you Need Employment Law Solicitors?

Employment law solicitors help the company's employers and employees to resolve any issues related to work or job as per the employment laws. For more information, please read the entire arti


We need various things such as water, milk, clothes etc. according to consumer protection act a person who obtains goods for commercial or for resale purpose is not a consumer whereas person buying goods for ...

Pennsylvania Labor Laws on Mandatory Uniforms

The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry is responsible for enforcing the state's employment wage and hour laws. Pennsylvania employers can require their employees to wear work uniforms, and in limited circumstances they may require them to purchase their uniforms at their own expense. Howe

South Carolina's Teen Labor Law

Labor laws keep employment from interfering with education and protect minors from working in dangerous occupations and exploitation, among other things. While most states' laws contain similar provisions, variances exist in certain areas, such as acceptable hours and work permit requirements. South

What Does A Speeding Ticket Look Like?

Mr. Ticket recommends that you be familiar with the appearance and information contained in a Summons/Notice to Appear/Traffic Infraction citation. The information – or lack of information – noted on

Fast Facts About Bail Bonds in LA

To those planning to enlist bail bonds in LA, it helps to know the basics. A bail bond is defined as a legal arrangement between the defendant and the court, and in some cases a ...

Michigan Social Security Number Privacy Act

In 2005, Michigan passed the Michigan Social Security Number Privacy Act, requiring Michigan employers and businesses to enact policies for protecting employees' and customers' Social Security numbers. The act limits the number of situations in which a business may ask for a Social Security number

Law School Colleges In Pakistan

Law Colleges in Pakistan Legal Education in Pakistan is highly valued and most of he universities teachings of the Islamic laws are essential part of the legal education system in Pakistan. have a faulty of ...

Above Ground Storage Tank Laws in West Virginia

Above ground storage tanks must comply with state and federal laws.A Set of Four Storage Tanks. image by daseaford from Fotolia.comAbove ground storage tanks are used to hold both hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals. Federal and state laws regulate the use of storage tanks to ensure the...

Seeking The Expertise Of A California Criminal Attorney

A person being accused of a crime faces severe consequences and penalties. If he is sentenced and deemed guilty, he will definitely face a jail sentence. In addition, he will always have a criminal record, ...

ADA Proposed Regulations

The ADAAA calls for the EEOC to promulgate regulations governing disability discrimination examination #4 image by stassad from Fotolia.comThe Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was intended to usher in a new era of expanded opportunities and enforceable legal rights for...

Colorado Lawmakers Pull Arizona-Like Immigration Law

The Colorado Republican who introduced an Arizona-like immigration bill withdrew his proposal because he fears the legal challenges would be a burden on tax payers. Rep. Randy Baumgardner introduced a bill that would authorize state ...

How to Qualify for an EBT Card in Maryland

In the State of Maryland, the electronic benefits transfer, or EBT, is placed onto an Independence Card, the state's food assistance card. If you qualify for food assistance in Maryland you receive an Independence Card. Each month funds are placed on your card to provide you with money to purchase g

Divorce Custody Laws in Ohio

Divorce proceedings are difficult to go through, and the hardships are compounded when minor children are involved. Ohio, like other states, has provisions in place to ensure that, regardless of the divorce outcome, minor children are put in the custody of the parent who will look out for...

Utah's Law for an Annulment

According to the Utah State courts, people get an annulment to enable them to claim their marriage never existed. This is different from a divorce which ends a marriage legally.