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A Brief Overview To Air Plants

Air plants are quite amazing and beautiful variety of plants. Available in approximately more than 500 species in the New World, they have something for everyone.

How to Design a Japanese Garden: The Essential Points

How to design a Japanese Garden: The Essential Points By Iqbal Mahmudi As more and more people are attracted in gardens with Japanese style, the question on How to Design a Japanese Garden is raised ...

How to Prune a Gardenia Plant

The gardenia plant is a beautiful, flowering shrub that produces pale blossoms and a sweet aroma. They are hardy plants that grow well in warm weather with plenty of water and sunshine. In order to maximize the visual appearance of your gardenia, it's a good idea to prune them every once in a while.

How to Prune a Sambucus Black Lace Tree

Black Lace Sambucus (Sambucus nigra "Eva") is a trademarked variety of elderberry plant that grows as a large shrub, or that is pruned into the form of a small tree. It gets its name from the black coloring of the leaves, which have lace-like or fringed edges. In the spring and summer, the plant pro

Hydroponic Grow Lights - Choosing the One for You

While they can be easily grown with the absence of soil, hydroponic plants still need two other things to survive - water and light. Thanks to the developments in agricultural technology, plants no longer need to be placed in areas that receive adequate light from the sun. These days, hydroponic lig

Learning about Gardening in the Garden

There is a wide range of people that would like to learn about gardening in the garden, but they aren't entirely sure about how to get started. Here you will discover how easy it is to get st

Tress and plants give a Good look to your home

Plants are known for attracting joy. Natural objects bring perfection into the background. One of the best ways to give your home a bright appearance is to add some beautiful ornamental plants.

Solar Garden Lights

Solar Lights, the easy way to give life to your garden every night.

How to Make a Fairy Garden - Using Fairy Garden Statues

Some people believe that having fairy garden statues around us connects the spiritual and physical enchantment that we have with these mythical beings. A feeling of them being close to us and guiding us and somehow being our connection between the earth and heaven.

When to Place Hummingbird Feeders Outside

The ideal time to place hummingbird feeders outside depends on the birds' migration patterns. Hummingbirds visit North America during the warmer seasons. Their arrival varies from state to state. Migration can begin as early as January, and some species travel as much as 600 miles. Hummi

What Fertilizer Should be Used on Snapdragon Blooms?

Snapdragons are hardy annuals that thrive in cool weather, and bloom not only in the spring and early summer but again in fall, providing welcome color and fragrance as summer blooms fade. With their long flower spikes, unusually-shaped blooms and graceful stems, snapdragons impart a feeling of old-

How to Fertilize Oak Trees During the Summer

Mature oak trees do not require additional nutrients from fertilizer unless the soil's pH is out of the trees' preferred range or they are suffering from health problems. Fungal diseases can plague oak trees and cause them to need the supplementary nutrients from fertilizer. Seedlings need fertilize

DIY Simple Greenhouse

Greenhouses are an excellent addition to any garden, and will help protect your crops from the elements. Building your own backyard greenhouse can be accomplished in just a few steps if you decide to purchase the materials yourself and build it from scratch. A simpler, less-expensive alternative is

Pros for Cloning Plants

The idea of cloning---duplicating a biological entity---conjures up concerns of ethics and playing God, and in regards to plants, the term often is associated with genetically modified "frankenfood." Cloning plants, however, is a common, ancient practice that can be done in a lab or...