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Names of English Flowering Plants

An English cottage garden contains a profusion of flowering plants.english cottage garden image by Paul Hunt from Fotolia.comFor many gardeners, an English cottage garden epitomizes an ideal garden, with an abundance of flowering plants spilling over a picket fence and vines climbing up a...

Northeast Annual Planting Guide

Planting annual flowers each year gives you the opportunity to change up the colors and textures of your garden. However, states in the Northeast such as Vermont, New York and Pennsylvania have shorter growing seasons than other places in the country, meaning gardeners have to make the most of a sho

Bachelor Buttons Plant Care

Bachelor buttons, also called cornflowers, are fun and easy flowers to grow. The plant has a long, green stem and the flower is reminiscent of a bluish-purple dandelion flower (only bigger). These flowers make a great addition to any home or garden. Plus, the flowers do not require an excessive amou

Relax With A Wind Chime Garden

Throughout history wind chimes have been used for a variety of uses. According to ancient folklore, hanging windchimes over your doorway would keep evil spirits away. Today, homeowners can keep negative energy at bay as well as add visual charm to their surroundings while relaxing to the soothing so

Formal and Informal Styles of Bulbs in the Garden

With so many different styles, both formal and informal characteristic can be adopted. Where there is a strong design with clipped box hedging, the formal lines of tulips are most appropriate. The bright green of the new growth on box looks good with scarlet tulips, but a different type of formality

Building a low cost greenhouse

Building a Cheap Greenhouse I needed a place to grow year around as to keep my grocery bill down as well as have the capability to grow anything i really need when my family needs ...

How to Grow Japanese Maples From Seed

Growing Japanese maples from seed is often considered difficult to do, considering the seeds can take up to two years to germinate. With a little patience though, and by following a few simple steps, you can be very successful and have great results the first season.

Gardening with Dogs

It is possible to have a garden and have dogseven large dogs. We have a 5 year old Eskimo dog, Brinkley, who we are happy to call a member of the family. When we got Brinkley, he was a 10 week old out of control untrained puppy.

Fall Blooming Wildflower - Great Lobelia - Lobelia siphilitica

This fall blooming wildflower would be an excellent addition to the wildflower or perennial garden, provided moist soil and light to full shade can be provided. It stays fairly compact and is well behaved in the garden and can easily be propagated from divisions or summer cuttings.

How to Care for a Mexican Cigar Plant

The Mexican cigar plant, also called Cuphea ignea, grows up to 24 inches tall and 36 inches wide. The red, tubular, black-tipped flowers bloom constantly through the growing season. This plant is a perennial in Mexico but grows as an annual or potted plant in regions north of that. The proper care o

Potting Bench

Using a potting bench will give you more time to enjoy gardening without getting backaches cause by sitting very low to the ground for an hour or two or more. This gardening item provides you ...

Lawn Care - Tips and Advice

Getting outdoors to work on your lawn is a great way to get exercise, some sunshine, and release some stress from your day job. Here is some tips and advice to achieve a nice looking, care free lawn.

How to Apply Lawn Fertilizer & Lime at the Same Time

Lime is applied to lawns when the soil pH is out of range for your grass type. Soil that is too acidic will prevent grass roots from absorbing the nutrients in the soil and fertilizer. Lime raises the pH level of the soil, decreasing its acidity. It is important to conduct a soil pH test on your law

Flowers or Veggies for My Backyard Garden

People planning a backyard garden will often be confused on what to grow. Although flowers make the backyard more beautiful, they do not have the same benefits that a vegetable garden brings. However, it does not mean that you cannot combine both flowers and vegetables in your garden. Doing so may g

The Hidden Art Of Hydroponics Gardening

A lot of gardeners are starting to change over to Hydroponics gardening for several different reasons. These types of gardens are small-scale and could easily be farmed indoors and are ideal for almost all veggies, particularly the cherry-red tomato plant. Also the gear needed for Hydroponics garden