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Edible Landscaping Basics

As slow food moves into our consciousness and home food production is becoming important for economic and environmental reasons many are torn between landscaping and vegetable gardens. Edible landscaping gives you the best of both ...

Build A Simple Deck

I can't promise you a beachfront view, but I know you'll enjoy relaxing on this simple deck wherever you choose to build it.

Hanging Strawberry Plants

If you have not prepared your soil do not worry yourself too much, just put some good old organic material into your soil and that is going to really help your strawberries. They are not a deep rooted

Does a Basil Plant Withstand the Winter?

Basil is a tender perennial plant that is unable to withstand the cold temperatures in many climates. Basil is grown as an annual in most areas, however with proper care and under the right conditions, basil can be prepared for the winter and survive as a perennial for the following year.

How to Plant a Homemade Mini Herb Garden

Create a homemade mini herb garden in a clay or ceramic pot and keep it indoors at a sunny window or outdoors on the deck or patio. The container of herb plants is an attractive addition to your outdoor or indoor space. The rewards show in your culinary endeavors, as fresh herbs offer more pronounce

Starting a Herb Garden

There are many things for which you can use herbs and they have been gathered or grown for many years. They can be used to heal injuries, add flavor to food and drinks, disinfectant for homes, clothes and wounds, as currency, as a scent for perfumes, to protect from germs and to fight infections and

Deer-Resistant Annuals and Perennials

Although deer are a majestic wild animal, they often move into rural landscapes and urban neighborhoods to feed when their native food supplies are low. When this occurs, perennials as well as annual plants can be damaged as the leaves are stripped and the branches are broken. Because deer are large

Juniper Bonsai Turning Brown & Spider Mites

A member of the Cypress family, the juniper tree is an evergreen conifer that thrives in warm, sunny locations. In its natural environment, it is a low-growing shrub with needle foliage that ranges from dark greens to steel grays. Ideal for bonsai, the juniper responds well to pruning and shaded en

5 Tips To Help Select A Bonsai Container

Bonsai is a complicated but beautifully established art form and made as a hobby nowadays. Choosing the ideal container for your bonsai tree will greatly contribute to making it look more presentable and attractive. Here ...

Choosing the Right Type Doors for your Home

A home is built for a family; recognizing the requirements and necessities of each and every individual of the family. The construction also depends on the demands and tastes of that particular family

Caring For Your Orchid - 5 Things You Need To Know

Orchid aren't hard to care for, they are just have different needs than regular house plants. Let's talk about what is different, potting media,watering,fertilizing,re-potting, and light.

How to Grow Potatoes by the Square Foot

Growing potatoes is a fun and easy project for beginner and experienced home gardeners. When you grow potatoes by the square foot, you save space as well as create a more organized garden. Square-foot gardening allows you to grow a full potato crop in 20 percent of the space required by a traditiona

What Is The Best Organic Gardening Fertilizer?

People who are new to organic gardening often think that organic gardening fertilizer is just another kind of fertilizer in a bag. If you are a true organic gardener this is not the case.

Gardening with Cedar Window Boxes

It is nice to stay in the garden while waiting for the sun to set though you can't see the perfect horizon of the sunset. You can relax with the cool wind while sitting on the bench or Adiron

Landscape Revegetation For Better Life

Mowing and watering is no longer needed to keep the perfect look for your yard for the entire year. There won't be any browning that will occur in the grass even in winter.

Wildflower Field Guide

You probably recognize certain wildflowers by sight, but you might not know the official or even the common name of each flower. You can discover a wildflower's official and common names if you know where to look. Once you've learned to identify a variety of wildflowers, you'll enjoy noticing them o