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Performing the Perfect Father of the Bride Wedding Day Speeches

So it's the perfect day, you are at the ceremony where the daughter has just recently married the man of her dreams and is happily in love. The time has come where every one has sat down and there's an eager audience awaiting some great results. There is a ton of pressure because there is

Wording Ideas for Homemade Baby Shower Invitations

Use the baby shower gift theme to inspire your invitation present image by lidian neeleman from <a href=''></a>The baby shower invitation that you send sets the tone for your event. It can match the theme or color scheme of your...

Cookie Ideas for Baby Showers

Cookies are an easy, enjoyable treat that everyone loves and they're perfect for baby showers. However you don't want to use just any cookies, so choose cookies that keep in line with the theme. Cookies that are made to look like bibs, onesies, pacifiers, booties or other baby objects are fun to mak

Not A Fairytale

Couples who seem so in love in the beginning think that they can do no matter what as long as they love each other. This sounds good but I never believed in what they call the “power of love” that much since most of the couples I have witnessed get married but ended up being in a nightma

Wedding Music: What Not to Do

Aside from your outfits, what makes your wedding memorable is the music. From the wedding ceremony to the reception, music is what makes every moment count, from the time the bride walks down the aisl

12 Amazing Las Vegas "elvis" Wedding Packages For Under $299

"Viva Las Vegas!" sang Elvis Presley in 1964, as Lucky Jackson in his 1964 movie Viva Las Vegas. While the legendary singer/movie star may have moved on, there's no shortage of ordained Vegas ministers that look remarkably like him and are eagerly waiting to marry Elvis buffs worldwid

Cheap Places to Have a Wedding Reception in Kansas City

Kansas City offers several inexpensive wedding reception venues.Table decorated at a wedding reception. image by Gina Smith from Fotolia.comMost brides and grooms do not have an unlimited wedding fund, but must stick to a budget when planning their big day. Being on a budget does not mean...

Gag Gift Ideas for a 75th Birthday Party

Choose a gag gift that fits the occasion, and the recipient, for a 75th birthday image by Horticulture from <a href=''></a>For a 75th birthday, celebrate the birthday boy or girl's sense of humor with a carefully chosen gag gift. As...

Best Ideas For Wedding Flowers Decoration

Wedding ceremony is the only event in one&#039;s life which comes for once in a life time. The pavilion can also be decorated with the chain of marigolds and jasmine flora with minute colorful lig

Why NOT to Trim Your Wedding Dress Budget

Planning a wedding is expensive, and finding ways to trim the budget is important to many brides. One area that you should NOT trim the budget, however, is the dress. That doesn't mean that you have to spend an outrageous amount of money for your dream gown, but trying to take the cheapest poss

Planning the Wedding Day: What To Consider

A wedding ceremony is a public demonstration of eternal vow of two individuals. Just like other events, the success of the wedding depends greatly on how well the details are planned and organized. Below are ...

How to Get Married at Corolla Beach in North Carolina

Holding a wedding on a beach is a classically romantic way for two people to unite in matrimony. The beaches at Corolla in North Carolina's Outer Banks are ideal for this purpose. The Corolla area features local services designed to aid you in experiencing that ideal ceremony and reception. Whether

Taking Wedding Photos - Some Fun Ideas

It is a well-known fact that great photographs, especially candid shots capturing spontaneous moments in life, make for great memories. In this article, we bring you some tips on capturing fun moments for your Wedding Album - so take a look before you start clicking!

How to Get Rid of White Stuff on Dishes

Water spots appear as white areas on dishes that are hand washed or cleaned inside a dishwasher, due to hard water or soap scum. Such visible stains make dishes and glassware appear unwashed, even though the pieces are perfectly safe to use. Rewashing the dishes in the same manner likely doesn't rem

Do it Yourself Buffet Table

A buffet table can be an ideal method to serve a large gathering as it cuts costs for service and food. Whether the fare is hot or cold, or a combination of both, by allowing guests to pick the items they prefer, you end up with a more concentrated meal design. When preparing your own buffet table,

Lingerie Shower Decoration Ideas

A panty line is a game and a lacy panties image by GoodMood Photo from <a href=''></a>A lingerie shower is a traditional bridal event, where friends and relatives of the bride gather to give racy and often embarrassing gifts for...

Garden Wedding Favors for a Summer Wedding

With gardens providing a perfect setting for a summer wedding it is a great idea to coordinate your wedding favors to your venue. This shouldn't be too difficult as there are many favors to be found with a garden and flower theme and to suit any size of budget. Here are a few ideas for wedding

What Should a Bride Wear for her Wedding?

While selecting a gown and accessories are usually an exciting time for a bride, choosing the right ones can be frustrating. There are so many options available on the market today that narrowing down your options is often difficult. Selecting what you want to wear on your wedding day can be made ea