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Funny Father of the Groom Speech - 6 Tips For a Hilarious Speech

As we all know, delivering a father of the groom speech is hard enough, but delivering a funny father of the groom speech? Well, that is quite a job! All of us are not blessed with the gift of a sense of humor, nor can all of us boast of great public speaking skills.

How to Make a Fruit Tower for a Wedding Reception

Instead of the standard fruit tray, jazz up your reception with a dramatic tower of fresh fruit. In addition to offering a tasty treat, the tower serves as a stunning centerpiece for your buffet table.

Beach Wedding Decoration For Dream Wedding

A beach wedding might be the most romantic and different type of celebrating and personalizing your wedding, which is appreciated throughout your life time. A beach wedding can easily be considered a traditional affair having ...

Fairytale Inspired Wedding Favors

Every bride dreams of a fairytale wedding, so it is little wonder that many weddings will have a fairytale theme to them. So when it comes to choosing suitable fairytale wedding favors, what can you expect to find?

Choosing a Designer Wedding Dress

It is a known fact that while the wedding is the most important event the couple will have in their life, it is still necessary to prepare this event as much as they can. When ...

Hershey Kiss Favor Ideas

Candy makes a fantastic party favor, and Hershey Kisses are perhaps the best option due to their popularity and small size. The typical Hershey Kiss is wrapped in plain silver foil with a tiny paper tag sticking out the top. However, they can easily be personalized to fit the theme of your party or

The Best Man Speech

Most men find it difficult to express their feelings. When it comes to the best man speech, it becomes even harder for men to narrate what the groom wants to express. But remember, the speech should not have to be difficult. All you need to do is take the time to plan and prepare and it can be much

Types of Banquets

Banquets can be held for any occasion. They are meant to celebrate, award or recognize a particular group of people, person or event. There are many various types of banquets and each involves planning and preparation.

How to Make a Kid's Pea Costume

If you are stuck for fancy-dress ideas for your child and looking for a different, but "easy pea-sy" kid's costume, then try a garden pea costume based on the humble vegetable. It's quirky and simple to make at home, and it looks almost good enough to eat. Plus, if you have two children who want to

How to Word Anniversary Luau Invitations

Whether the anniversary is the first or 50th, it's a very special occasion, and celebrating with a luau makes it also a fun and relaxed celebration. As with any invitation, the wording on the anniversary luau invitations sets the tone for the event and is the first impression most guests receive.

Photography Ideas for a Bridal Shower Booth

Coming up with ideas to make a bridal shower memorable can be hard. While bridal games are entertaining, they aren't something you can necessarily remember fondly. To make a bridal shower memorable, you want activities that are memorable for everyone involved. A photo booth gives people the opportun

Wedding Survival Guide - Steps to a Stress Free Wedding

Your wedding a huge life event and as a bride you will be the centre of attention. Your wedding day should be a happy and seamless event, but it could easily turn traumatic If you don't take heed of the following wedding advice.

Kid's Indoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Draw kids a treasure map for your scavenger image by Ewe Degiampietro from Fotolia.comThe preparation for a scavenger hunt begins with making a list of items for the participants to find, but the possibilities for your hunt are limited only by your imagination. Create a simple...

How to Find Cheap Bridesmaids Gifts

Finding the perfect bridesmaid gifts is not always easy, and finding ones that are cheap to boot is even harder. The perfect bridesmaid gift is one that makes the bridesmaid feel good, is something she likes and can use and isn't something she's seen before, Unfortunately, most of those things are

Wedding Photographer Tips on How to Choose Them

Obviously, there are a huge number of different things to consider when planning your wedding.It is important to remember that planning a wedding is both stressful and difficult.

Ideas for Flower Girls

The flower girl is often the last person to walk down the aisle before the bride appears. She is the introduction to the bride; dress her up to look sweet and pretty. You want her to look like a little girl, not a smaller version of a bridesmaid. Give careful consideration to the flower girl's dress