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Paper Plate Wedding Ideas

Use decorative wedding plates at your wedding reception.Blue plates image by Aleksandr Ugorenkov from Fotolia.comSpend your wedding budget on important things like a special wedding gown and dream honeymoon. Drop the posh dishware rental for some quality paper plates to improve your...

Creating Your Own Wedding Photo Book

Photo books that are personal need not be something expensive, you can go out on your own and create your own design. You may find that it is hard to find a cover picture, choose something that you think is most memorable for the couple and make this the cover for front and back.

Homemade Spa Party Invitations

Spa parties afford guests a relaxing experience with friends. The spa party theme fits parties for both kids and adults, with modifications to fit the age of the party guests. Homemade spa invitations save on the budget and demonstrate more creativity than commercially produced invitations. Infuse t

Rock Star Party Theme Ideas

Karaoke is one idea for the rock star party.microphone image by haruspex from <a href=''></a>Becoming a rock star is an appealing idea to both adults and children. If someone you know dreams of being a singer, then treat him to a rock star...

Tips To Select A Wedding Vendor

There is no doubt that you will need choose the wedding vendors [] carefully. This is because you will only have your wedding once and you do not want any vendor to ruin your perfect ...

How to Style Your Own James Bond Wedding

James Bond actor Daniel Craig and The Mummy actress Rachel Weisz shocked us all when the couple wed each other in a top-secret ceremony on June 23, with only their children---Craig's teenage daughter Ella, and Weisz' five-year old son Henry---and two family friends as witnesses. It's

What Is Bridal Glue?

Bridal glue is a clear-drying adhesive that permanently bonds embellishments to attire. It also helps brides perform fixes on their gowns, decorations, hemlines and headpieces. The glue has a small tip to help prevent the application of too much glue on any given item, making it ideal for small jobs

'70s Disco Party Invitations

Create some party invitations reminiscent of the '70s for your themed party.disco ball image by charles taylor from <a href=''></a>A '70s disco party will put guests in the mood to listen to the Bee Gees, put on their bell-bottoms and dance all...

Creative Ideas For Wedding Anniversary Party Favors

You have two choices when it comes to the wedding anniversary party favors that you give out - you can either go modern or traditional. The key is to follow the theme of the party itself. If you are someone who is planning an anniversary event for a couple, you should take some time to learn about t

How To Make Up The Mind On Your Wedding Theme

There are thousands of wedding themes you can think of but how to make up the mind and choose one from the thousands? It is really a very difficult task for many couples.

How to Throw a Wild Wedding Hen Night

A wedding hen night, more commonly known as a bachelorette party, is supposed to be fun for everybody, especially for the bride to be. It is the last night of the bride-to-be as an unmarried woman. If you're organizing a bachelorette part for your friend, it is your responsibility to give her a

Skyline View Restaurants in New York City

New York City offers many rooftop lounges with spectacular views of the cityNew York skyline and Statue of Liberty image by Eishier from Fotolia.comAs author E.B. White said, "It is a miracle that New York works at all. The whole thing is implausible." At ground level, the city looks like...

Get Organized For Your Wedding

The best way to get through the wedding planning process without losing your mind is to get really organized right from the start. If you use all of the tools available, you will find coordinating your wedding to be a much more enjoyable experience.

Wedding Table Linens 101

Planning Your Wedding: When you are planning your wedding... the biggest event of your life, consider the many possibilities available to you for your wedding table linens, be sure to research well if

Wedding Videos

Nowadays Instagram made us feel like we are the same as the professional wedding photographers and the smart phones made us feel like some kind of stars. Wedding videos are professional because they are made from professionals. In the following article I will give you examples why wedding photograph

Personalized Wedding Favors That Say "i Love You"

The wedding favor says more about you than you might realize. The favors that you give at your wedding will leave a lasting and indelible mark that your guests will talk about for a long time and they will not be talking to you, they will be talking to each other. This is why it is so very important