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Wedding Photographers - How to Choose the Right One

Choosing a wedding photographer is one of the most important items when it comes to planning a wedding. There are a few things to keep in mind when selecting the photographer that will make the process much easier and less time consuming.

Cost-Effective Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers are the most important flowers in a woman's life and can be one of the biggest decisions in relation to one's wedding. Flowers can say a lot about the bride, from her taste to her wedding budget. Whether a bride has a large or small budget is irrelevant to the importance of

How to Decorate Folding Chairs With Pillowcases for a Backyard Wedding

One way to decorate ugly chairs for a wedding is to use pillowcases over the backs of the chairs. Planners can choose from among several ways to decorate the back of a chair to make the chairs look more formal or to hide the fact that several chair styles were used. Pillowcases, an inexpensive way t

Just Married? Hop Into A Ferrari!!

They say money can’t buy happiness but I’d rather cry in my Ferrari...Indeed this is true. Who would not be happy with a Ferrari?And what better day than your wedding day to celebrate driving off in one!

How to Donate a Used Bridal Gown

After the wedding day ends, many brides are left with a luxurious gown that they will never wear again. If your gown is not a family heirloom, consider donating it to a charity. Not-for-profit organizations help match your gown with a bride who is unable to afford an expensive wedding dress. It also

How Wedding Veils Were Used In Olden Times

One of the few occasion in Brooklyn when a woman is very much likely to wear a veil as a headpiece is during her wedding.Wearing a bridal veil with her Brooklyn bridal gown is a custom of a white wedding in the Western world.

How To Find Good Quality Low Cost Wedding Invitations

For everybody who is planning to have a big or a modest wedding; you have to send invitations. For larger weddings consider buying your invitations at wholesale party stores, or wedding warehouses in an effort ...

Homemade Wedding Shower Gifts

Homemade wedding shower gifts are a wonderful way to present the happy couple with something truly heartfelt and unique. You don't need to be a skilled artist or craftsman to create a gift the bride and groom will treasure. All you need is to work hard, plan ahead, and focus on what would please the

Wedding Planning - Is God On Your Guest List?

Often times, couples get so involved with planning their wedding day, they can forget what it takes to make a marriage last. In all the hustle of preparations like where the service is held and who is officiating, did you leave anyone out? Did God make your guest list?

Fancy Wedding

Couples who have very romantic ideas about wanting a fanciful wedding will prefer to have a date set in winter, as the season makes a perfect setting for people to enjoy the ceremony as well as celebrate. The entire wedding settings and theme can be based on the backdrop of white snow. Snow manages

How to Plan a Hawaiian Theme Party

A Hawaiian themed party or luau is fun to create and attend. In Hawaii, a luau celebrates auspicious occasions. The often feast iincludes pork, poi, Mahi Mahi, coconut shrimp, fresh fruits, macadamia nuts and banana pudding. The decorations create an island feeling, with palm trees, sandy beaches, o

Gifts for Parents in the Wedding Party

The wedding day isn't complete without having supportive parents at your side. For this reason, couples want to show parents appreciation -- not just for love and support during the process leading up to wedding but also the time and dedication in getting you to this point of your life. Give your pa

Unique Ideas For a Unique Wedding Reception

The wedding reception has always been a key part of the wedding day. It is the time after the more subdued ceremony where you as the bride can celebrate your newlywed status with your friends and family. This is also one of the biggest challenges to your planning.

Ideas For A Cheap Wedding Planning

As marriages are considered as a union of two families and thus include lot of preparation as the marriages ceremonies are grand and when it comes to Indian marriages they are far grander than anywher

Embrace a Beautiful Autumn Wedding

One of the best ways to celebrate an autumn wedding is to incorporate the beauty of the season directly into the theme of the wedding. The use of autumn's colors, symbols and flavors truly helps ...

Guide to Spring & Garden Wedding Favors

Spring is a popular time to get married, and deservedly so. The sun is shining, flowers are blooming, and there's a feeling of newness to everything. What better time to strike out on a new adventure with the one you love?

The Wedding Cake Topper - Expect The Unexpected

Today, there is little trouble finding exactly the perfect wedding cake topper for each bride and groom.There are specialty design stores that create diverse wedding cake toppers in an effort to please as many different individuals as possible.In a world that is filled with diversity, this is one pl