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Banquet Table Centerpiece Ideas

Centerpieces for banquet tables help set the tone for the event.festive floral image by Liz Van Steenburgh from Fotolia.comBanquets are planned and held for any number of reasons. They are often celebrations of events or holidays. A banquet may have other purposes, such as to present...

How To Plan A Perfect Stag Party

Saying goodbye to singlehood is a momentous event in every man's life. Gone are the days of reckless partying and drunken nights which are surely to be missed in married life.

Showing Your Love With Unique Wedding Party Favors

Wedding party favors have the potential to be either completely memorable or completely forgettable. Many couples prefer to give traditional wedding party favors and guest favors simply because they're much easier. Purchasing favors for wedding guests and wedding party participants can be diffi

Water Party Games

Playing games with water balloons cools down a hot summer day.colorful balloons image by MAXFX from <a href=''></a>When trying to beat the heat of the hot summer, invite friends over and have a water party. Play water games to keep everyone...

Your Honeymoon - Tips For Planning the Trip of a Lifetime

Honeymoons are a wonderful way to continue the celebration of your marriage and start your lives together as a couple! It's the vacation you've been looking forward to, after months of wedding planning and preparation. This article shares practical tips for planning a memorable honeymoon.

Doing Your Own Wedding Flowers

Making the decision to do your own wedding flowers should not be taken lightly, butwith a little preparation and some practice, designing your own wedding flowers doesnot have to be as daunting as you might think.

The Easiest Way to Get Free Wedding Planning

So you are all excited at the start of planning your wedding day but you do not want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a professional wedding planner. You are going to have to pay for certain things anyway and it can be a waste to have a middle person doing all the coordinating for you. They

"Wonder Pets" Birthday Cake Ideas

If your child is a Nick Jr. fanatic, a "Wonder Pets"-themed birthday cake is sure to be a hit. Ask for your child's input before baking your cake to find out what she would find most pleasing. Find out her favorite characters or episodes and try to incorporate those elements into your finished desig

How to Make a Balloon Arch

Balloon arches are easy to make, and they are festive additions to any celebration. You must do some planning before you start. You need to consider whether you are using helium- or air-filled balloons; how long and tall the arch can be and the color scheme. Also, allow plenty of time to complete yo

How to Create Floral Arrangements Using Bud Vases

Bud vases are small vases designed to hold a few flowers. A floral arrangement that incorporates bud vases can look quite elegant at any party. Use bud vases to add an pretty flowers in an easy to see format. Make sure you have the right material in advance so you can create the prettiest possible a

Back to School Party Decorating Ideas

Decorate the Back-to-School party room with inspiring ornamentation.Back to school! image by Alexey Klementiev from <a href=''></a>Some children are excited to go back to school, whereas others are nervous or do not want summer to end. A...

Wedding Favors - DIY Or Store-Bought

Wedding favors are little gifts that are meant to be taken home by the guests after the wedding party is over. Whether you will choose store-bought souvenirs or homemade favors, it will most likely depend on how early you have been panning for them; creativity; budget; and of course your own prefere

Save Money on Wedding Invitations

Some of the very first things that you will list among those involving expenditure, are the wedding invitations apart from your wedding ring. On one hand you want your invitations to be unique, classy and of good quality, while on the other hand, you will probably also look to save as much money as

How to Manage Risk at a Major Outdoor Event

Major outdoor events such as concerts, fairs and festivals have a certain amount of risk associated with them. In order to manage risk at a major outdoor event, there is an event risk management process you and the planning committee can go through to identify and deal with potential risks.

How to Choose A Maid of Honor

Choosing a maid of honor requires you to use your brains as well as your heart. Making the wrong choice in this department can mean the difference between wedding bliss and wedding nightmare. Brides need to be very selective when bestowing the coveted maid of honor title and these tips will help yo

Wedding Photography - Traditional Vs Photojournalistic

Most photographers will give you a brief description of their style somewhere on their website. It's important to know which styles that you prefer when searching for your photographer. Don't ever hire a photographer based only on his/her images. Their style of shooting is just as importan

Wedding Ceremony Music Options

Wedding ceremony music provides much more than background music for your walk down the aisle. The music you choose for your wedding can set the overall mood of the ceremony, and the inclusion of music or songs with special meaning to you and your spouse can truly personalize the occasion and form an