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Romantic Kissing Tips

Guys, pay attention!You need this more than the ladies, and I am sure that any woman that reads this will agree.Do you want to know how to kiss your woman so romantically that she feels it from her head to her feet?

5 Tips on How to Be Cool Around Guys - Be a Cool Chick and Impress Him Now!

We all get a little bit nervous when we're around guys, don't we? Sometimes, we just can't help but get a bit too jumpy or anxious or even paranoid if we find out we have to deal with a few --- at parties, meetings or just plainly to talk with a hot male stranger. If this has been a b

Love Making Techniques - Spicing Up Your Love Making For Her

When a couple is together for quite a while, let say about 2 - 3 years, the passion, love and connection in the bedroom will tend to drop, or even disappear. Boredom will start to kick in, and your lover will feel that making love with you is not that enjoyable anymore.

How to Attract Women in College

College men have more than just academics on their minds. Many of them are also focused on finding women to date, and possibly even finding "the one." However, some college men find women in college more difficult to attract than high school girls; college women are often more mature than and are fo

How to Get a Woman to Feel Sexual About You - Turn Her Into Your Devoted LOVER!

Being in a relationship is tough; getting a woman to open up and be comfortable enough around you to have sex with you is tougher. The trick is knowing when and how to make your move. Sadly, this is something that the average man fails at miserably. However, if you read through the following tips, y

The Good Dating Attitude - Learn From Mr Johnny Depp

Hugh Jackman, Reese Witherspoon, George Clooney, Matthew McConaughey, Russell Crowe and Cameron Diaz. The list goes on.Now I am sure that you know at least a few of these names, if not all of them.Maybe you have caught them recently on the big screen.What though, can you learn from them - in terms o

Black Women White Men Dating

According to the U.S. Bureau of Census, in 1987 there were 56,000 Black women married to White me which is 11,000 more than in1980. These figures confirm that the number of Black women marrying White

The Dangers of Objectification of Females - And Males

Father absence makes it easy for men to objectify women and for women to objectify men. This leads to further father absence as neither party values the other person or both of their role in the lives of the children they produce.

How to Ask a Girl Out on a Date

Asking a girl out on a date is no easy feat, especially if she is above your league. Asking such a girl out brings nervousness, makes you falter and there is always a fear of getting rejected that may be stopping you from asking a girl out.

Dating Tips: Making A Good First Impression, Part Two

If you have not learned to make a good first impression, you are effectively shortchanging yourself. By not learning this vital part of human relations, you are keeping yourself from some of the best things in life. In dating, making a good first impression is vital, and it just might be the only th

How to Give the Ultimate Sexual Satisfaction to Your Woman!

Do you want to give women the ultimate sexual satisfaction in the bedroom? If you do, then you will most definitely want to read this. Here is how you can go from average to amazing in the bedroom using a few easy methods. Are you read? Let's dive in.

Places to Meet Singles in California

A lot of people have been asking where they can meet with single people in California. They have not yet realized that every corner you turn in California is a potential spot of meeting with that special person. The people of California have been known to be a little shy and they would not make the

Modern Dating Is It for You?

Dating has really come a long way since before. Now these days there are plenty of ways to meet new people. The internet has made it easier than ever to try and find someone for everyone. They have so many dating sites that with a few pictures and conversations you will be dating in no time.

Here Are Some Good Tips On Dating For You!

Before we jump into talking about women and dating, I have to say that you wouldn't believe how many guys I've seen trying to get really hot women to bed when they're completely unable to ...

2 Cheeky Ways To Chat Up A Girl

I am sure you are reading this because you feel that you lack the skills to really get the girl of your dreams. You may see her everyday but just cannot muster up the courage to go and chat with her. Of course as we know chatting with her is not the problem, that really is the easy part, now before

Status & Humor When Talking to Women

Ever felt confused about what to do when you meet a beautiful woman?This articles gives answers to the perplexity of this awkward, yet frequent situation.

The Easy Way to Talk to Men - Getting Past Your Shyness

Do you find it is almost impossible to have a sensible conversation with a man? Are you suddenly unable to come up with a coherent thought and what slightly reasonable thought you manage to come up with doesn't make it through your lips in a coherent way?