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Meet a Man on Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the greatest days of the year to meet a fabulous new guy. Here's how to make the most of it.

What Happens After Dating?!

What Happens After Dating?! Everybody is looking for a person hoping to find love with his partner. We are looking for the right person in a club. In the bar, at parties, and in the ...

Winning Her Back - What Does It Really Take?

Winning back a woman that you love is something that many guys will try to do, but most will not seem to be able to succeed at it. That's the way that it goes most of the time and if you are hopeful that you are going to be able to win back an ex girlfriend, you do have to go into it with that

Should You Stare at Breasts?

While sitting at an outdoor patio with my guy pal, a good-looking lady sashayed by. She was nicely dressed and even more nicely put together. My friend remarked with obvious approval, "There is an excellent example of 'floating cleavage'." Naturally I turned to get a gawk. He was

A "good" conversation that women wants.

Copyright (c) 2009 Vin DiCarlo The question seems laughable at this point. "What do I say to girls?" As if there was a magical set of words, or a pattern of speech, that could make ...

How To Overcome Dating Competition

How do you fight and win the affection battle? In the dating field competition is almost inevitable. Their is that hank of a man you have spotted but he is already taken. Does that necessarily mean that he can't be yours? I say a big no. You can easily turn up the tables and get to where you fe

Single Men Looking For Men Online

As we live on this modern century, single men looking for men online is common. Because the Internet market booming, more people use it as a means to look for love and romance online. This electronic

Pick Up Artist - The Emotional Appeal is a MUST!

Just how important are looks in attracting a woman to a man? The answer to this question is best provided by pick up artist who perform this scene repeatedly and therefore, they are equally aware of the needs of the women than other men. From the experiences of teaching men on how to lay a woman, yo

How to Get Into the Mind of Women

"Women are complicated creatures", is that really so? It is never easy to know what is running in her mind or knowing what she wants, but it is not hard as well. All you have to know is - HOW?

Stop Premature Ejaculation With the Right Knowledge

The key to overcoming any difficulty in life is having the right information. When it comes to premature ejaculation the same idea applies. If you are trying to delay ejaculation at the moment having the right info will help you to last longer.

Flirting Secrets - Powerful Patterns

The following flirting secrets are very powerful and go way beyond typical flirting. You can use these flirting secrets in many different ways and develop your own derivatives from these. This article will jump right into these flirting secrets.

5 Easy And Romantic Ways On How To Seduce A Man

He's your sweetheart; he's your honey; he's the one whom you love the most in this world. Tired of expressing your love to him in good but boring ways? Here are some easy and romantic ways for you to seduce him.

Kissing Girls Made Easy: Make Your Kiss a Memorable One

Kissing isn't just about the physical pleasure it gives, or its progression towards sex. Hardly! For me, kissing is all about the memories: the memories of that one frozen moment in time with someone you ...

Dating A Friend: Should You Or Shouldn't You

You've found the perfect person for you.They're smart, funny, and attractive.You get along great and they're everything you want in a mate.The problem is they're also your close friend.

The Secret Way to Turn a Woman On Without Touching Her

In this special article your going to learn how to turn a woman on without even touching her. Since studying attraction and other knowledge about how to seduce women, I've been very successful with attractive women, and here's a powerful tip to arousing women you're going to love to u

7 Things You Might Be Doing To Sabotage Your Relationship

We all enter relationships with the best intentions. We want to make them work, and always hope that they might be "the one". Even with these great intentions, and the best attitude, it can be difficult to make relationships last. That's because (as we all know) relationships really a