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Getting Out of the Friend Zone

You get to watch her obsess over some other dude that doesn't have NEARLY the connection that you have with her...and you know he's only going to break her heart, and you just have to sit back and watch it happen. Sucks big time, right?Sucks for her, too. For a woman, having a guy in the f

What Single Guys Need to Know (And Aren't Doing) Before a Date

Every good general has a battle plan, and, if you're like my former self, you've spent enough time alone waiting for the right date to come around. My friend Jay used to call me the hardest-working dater he knew. Now I have bestowed that title on him.

If You Need Relationship Help - Don't Be Pushy

There are many ways that can be used to get your ex back if you have broken up with them. Some of these are useless and will not work because they are making you be overly pushy. Being pushy in your pursuit of getting your ex back will doom you to failure at different levels.

How To Attract A Woman - 4 Things You Are Probably Doing Wrong!

It's not impossible for a man to figure out how to attract a woman, but it sure can feel that way sometimes. Even if you go ahead and read through the articles in women's magazines trying to figure out what a woman wants, you are still going to end up confused and bewildered from time to t

Pros and Cons of Being in a Relationship

Life works in a very funny way. If you're not in a relationship all you want is to be in one and once you're in one, you wish you were single. Now that you're single, it's only a little while until you want a relationship again. This article focuses on the Pros and Cons of being

A Guide to Finding Your Soul Mate

Meeting that special someone can be difficult. One of my friends recently declared that she had to move cities because she had dated all of the men in the town she currently lived in. She said that she had no way of meeting that special someone unless she did one of those dating web sites. Here&apos

How To Attract Exactly Who You Want

Do you wish you could have more dates?Do you want to go out more and stay in less?Would you like to find the person of your dreams?Follow these rules of attraction and discover a new world of dating.

Getting A Man To Commit

Lack of commitment in a relationship by one party could greatly damage the course of achieving true happiness together. It is possible for the man to feel that his partner is not fully committed to ...

Learn How to Talk to Women

If you are ready to be successful with talking to women, you first need to understand how to approach women.The secret that more and more people are starting to learn is that your approach is the most important thing you will learn.After all, your first impression is the most important impression.

Signs That He is Attracted to You - 3 Behavioral Patterns to Look For

Guys are complex yet easy to figure out if you know what you are looking for in their behaviors when it comes to the question whether he is attracted to you or not. There are four behavioral patterns that are sometimes overlooked as a normal part of their characters which in reality they are not. Re

He Hasn't Called - The Aftermath of the First Date

Why hasn't he called? How many times did you experience asking yourself that kind of question? Is he not interested? You have probably asked that question when you went out on a date with a major cute guy. You begin to wonder. Here's what you had, you went out with someone you don't r

Pick Up Women Online

The best way to pick up women online is to become a funny and friendly person. Online the key is to build a slow and nice talkative relationship. Not many guys have the patience that it takes to actually wait for the results of all the hard work that we will put in to getting the girl. But honestly

Give in to the Pleasures of Love and Try Some Dating Online!

Internet dating is such a hot trend in the romance department because it allows people like you to explore the whole world for a potential partner. Whether you are just looking around to have some fun or you are pursuing long-lasting intimacy, web dating is the perfect tech tool to use.

How To Treat Your Sugar Baby Right

When you first decided to get into a sugar-daddy-sugar-baby relationship, you must have been fully aware of the concept which is about being in a mutually beneficial relationship.