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How to Make Fake Grass Out of Felt

Felt grass is an excellent way to create landscaping for a model train set, a diorama or any other model setting you may be working on. Adding felt grass enhances the setting to create a realistic backdrop. Purchase felt in small squares or in large sheets. When the felt is raked with a stiff wire b

How to Make Sinkers Out of Rocks

Lead is no longer used in house paint because it caused brain damage in children. Lead has also been removed from gasoline because it's toxic. But fishermen still throw untold quantities of lead into water every year with lead sinkers that break off and remain behind. Sinkers made out of small rocks

5 Secrets Women Will Never Tell You About Sex

Here are 5 Secrets about women you must know before you can become great in bed€¦ Secret #1) A Woman Will Never Tell You If You Suck In Bed. While a woman will complain for ...

Impotence can destroy your marriage

No man in his right mind would admit that he's a lousy lover. But many men are guilty of this "sin" because of impotence. Impotence is the inability to achieve or sustain an erection when ...

How to Make a Paste Out of Alum & Pack It Around the Nail

Applying alum paste is an old folk remedy for ingrown nails. The alum soaks into the skin and relieves the pain of the ingrown nail while also restricting the flow of blood to the skin. After several applications over several days, the skin hardens and retracts from the nail.

Six Top Tips for Sex

Here are six top tips for great sex. They are things that often get overlooked but which can make a huge difference. Try them and see what happens! Make it a mental game first. If ...

Activities for "The Kissing Hand" by Audrey Penn

“The Kissing Hand” is a classic among teachers and parents who face the issue of children separating from parents to start school. It tells the story of Chester the raccoon, who does not want to go to school on his first day. His mother kisses his hand, telling him her love will always b

First Time Orgasm

If you've never had an orgasm and want to change that, here's everything you need to know about first time orgasms.

3 Great Tips to Improve Your Sex Life

If it seems like your sex life could use some improving, then you will need to know what all of your options are in terms of spicing things up in the bedroom. By looking over ...

How to Make a Settlement With a Judgment Creditor

If a creditor has obtained a civil judgment against you for an unpaid debt, it typically has several collection options, including bank account seizure, wage garnishment and liquidation of some of your personal assets. Although creditors are typically less willing to work with you after obtaining a

How to Develop a Good Self-Concept

It can sometimes be difficult to feel good about yourself. A good self-concept is built by positive self-reflection and by being in environments that allow you to feel accepted and appreciated. Developing a good self-concept does not mean that you are blind to your flaws. Instead it means that that