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Are Chinese Women the New "Trophy Wives"?

Lately, it seems that a lot of wealthy men are pursuing Asian women. Are the skinny busty blondes out of fashion? Are Chinese women the new trophy wives?

Celebrate a 25th Birthday by Stocking Up

Celebrating the 25th birthday of a friend or family member marks a terrific milestone in their life.Honoring such a person provides a great tribute and a fun loving party atmosphere.

Great Stag Night Ideas for the Guys

Stag night is that one party in the would-be groom's life which is doomed to break all the barriers with enjoyment as a priority. Stag parties are usually organized by the best man and are a surprise for the would-be groom.

Event Rental - Finding The Cheapest One

At times looking for an event rental company becomes a very tiring and time consuming process. This mostly happens when people cannot find an option within their budget. Let's glance at some easy techniques to find economical event rental companies. First of all, define a price range. In other

Party Invitation on Father's Day

It's the right time you need to let his friends know that you are launching a party this Father's Day. Invite them over the party and let them know that the party is going to be a surprise for your father.

Atlanta Criminal Records & Atlanta Court Records

Are you looking to find criminal records or court records from Atlanta? These public records are now available on the internet - this article explains how you can search Atlanta Criminal Records Court

How to Get the Halloween Party Started

A Halloween party, or any other party for that matter doesn't begin when the first guest steps through your door, it begins way before that. Party planning actually begins with a guest list and invitation. The guest list will determine what kind of crowd is coming to your party and the invites

Holiday Party Tips For Employers

You know your employees expect a holiday party every year. But in this day and age employers do have to exercise a little caution when planning them. A few tips:

Event Planning Can Be a Great Career

In case you are wondering what is so special about event planning, let me tell you that it has become a career for most young people and gaining in popularity daily. An event planner however has to have special characteristics to be successful in what he or she does.

How an Event Planner Makes Your Event a Dream

It is no surprise that people are hiring event planners in San Francisco to organize their parties and social events. These party planners have been known to make dreams come true and organize parties which clients remember for years on end. They have been known to think out of the box and come with

How to Make a Family Tree

A lot of us are curious to know where we "come" from. Sometimes it is not enough to just know the names and birth dates of your parents and grandparents. Families consist of various relations that include cousins, aunts and uncles.

Indoor and Outdoor Birthday Party Games

Planning a birthday party can be a difficult process and getting the party games right can be one of the most difficult aspects of the whole party.Here are some suggestions for having great party games both indoors and out.

A Guide On Throwing A Halloween Party On A Budget

Throwing a Halloween party can be an extremely fun and rewarding experience, but you may be discouraged by the thought that Halloween parties require an excessive amount of money. Thankfully, there plenty of things you can do to throw an amazing party without spending too much. Discover tips that wi

How To Craft A Killer Complaint Letter

Each year, hundreds of millions of people jot a letter of complaint. Since you are one of the crowd, you'll want your letter to gain attention. Place yourself in the position of the person getting you

Office Party Ideas

Want to cause a real stir with your co-workers and boss? Then ditch all those same ol' same ol' office party ideas that have been used a thousand times before and get truly unique with great office party games and invitations.

Epitome of Beauty and Poise - Mexican Mail Order Brides

Men across the world are being mesmerized by the beauty and poise of Mexican mail order brides. Mexican women are famous across the globe for their good looks. In fact, they are considered to be the epitome of grace and perfection.

Understanding Why Your Family Bible Needs Repair

A lot of families have an old Family Bible that is sitting in a drawer or cupboard, probably dried out and with its cover in pieces. Ever wondered why it's in the condition it's in? Ever wondered where to look for free advice on getting it repaired?