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Empty Nest - Who is That Man in My House?

The kids are gone, the house is quiet and clean, and your time is your own. What to do? If you're lucky enough to have a spouse make the most of it and get to know each other again. It's been said that it's better the second time around.

What Women Want in a Marriage

This Article is about what women want in a marriage. It's the little simple things that matters most to women but men will sometime overlook these little things so we should draw their attention to our needs.

Saving Your Marriage? First Steps to Take

Saving your marriage is a real possibility. It is a challenging time that requires focus and a strong desire to rebuild the relationship. Stepping back from the situation, will give you both some breathing room, allowing you to think more clearly and make more rational decisions.

How Long Does the Typical Divorce Process Take?

Divorce can be a long, daunting process for both parties involved, especially when certain issues aren't agreed upon and you end up spending a lot of time in court ironing out issues that you both feel passionate about. There is no way of ever knowing exactly how long your divorce case will las

The Power of Touch

The power of touch is enormous. After all, that is how we move through life: we feel our way. Just imagine never, ever being touched... no hand on the shoulder, no pat on the back, no physical link wi

Trapped in a Troubled Marriage? Ways to Build a Strong Marriage

It necessary for married couples to pay attention to the danger signals of a failing marriage. It will help them to identify and rectify the problems to save their marriage from breaking down. Divorce is not always the best choice. The article helps you with the ideas on how to build a strong marria

Teasing - Can'tcha Take a Joke?

Teasing can be harmful to relationships when the words said in a funny way would be insults and put-downs if said seriously. We can all learn to become aware of the effects of teasing. We can find more direct, more gentle ways of confronting each other and more appropriate ways to bring laughter int

7 tips to Buid Trust in your Relationship

There are several ways to build trust in a relationship but on a basic level there are 7 ways to strengthen it. The popular notion that 'you need to stir things up in order to ...

In Love With a Woman - How Do I Make Her Love Me?

It's a tough spot to be in when you feel like you have already fallen in love with a woman and you don't know if she feels the same way and you want to make sure that you know how to make her feel that way about you. Most guys feel a little on edge when they are really into a woman and the

What to Do When Your Husband Wants a Divorce

I have a blog in which I share how, with a bit of hard work and good luck, I was able to save my marriage and thwart my husband's attempts at divorce.My husband was dead set on splitting up and was just not interested in anything I had to say regarding preserving our marriage.This story seems t

Can A Marriage Be Saved When Only One Spouse Is Trying?

Many time this is the case. One of you wants to save the marriage but the other has either given up or is just done with the relationship altogether, checked out so to speak. But, this doesn't necessarily mean that your marriage is over or it can't be saved. You just have to approach it in

Knowing For Sure That You Will Win Him Back

Are you freaking out and worrying that you're never going to be able to win your boyfriend or husband back? Has jealousy overtaken your mind and you fear that any day now you're going to ...